Adaptive Noise Filtering?


A few questions regarding adaptive noise filtering:

Is it possible to detect whether a camera applies adaptive noise filtering to undemosaiced data before writing them as raw data to the card in the camera, e.g., by some sort of signature characteristic?

Would it be possible to detect whether adaptive noise filtering is happening by comparing the raw data, obtained under standardized and well-controlled conditions, from different cameras that otherwise have the same sensor (but perhaps different CFAs)?

Is there any known (consumer-type) camera where adaptive noise filtering is applied to the undemosaiced data before writing them to a file?

Thanks so much in advance.


Same sensor in different

Same sensor in different camera impies different circutry (ADC, amplifier, etc), so direct comparison may produce confusing results (anyway, it is interesting).

Noise filtering should result in change of noise spectrum, so Fourier transform on smooth surface shot (or dark frame) may detect it.

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