RawDigger 0.9.13


New functionality and major improvements

  • Improved: Most of the time-consuming operations are now performed using parallel processing, to the effect that opening a file and computing statistics and histogram is 3 to 5 time faster if performed on a 4-core processor.
  • New: Display of blown-out and underexposed areas. The values for under-   and overexposure can be adjusted through 
    Preferences -> Over/Under Exposure
    Please see the manual for the detailed description.
  • New: Open Next or Previous file in the current directory.
    This can be done either through File menu or using the hotkeys: Ctrl + Arrow Right, Ctrl + Arrow Left on a Windows platform; Cmd + Arrow Right, Cmd + Arrow Left on OS X.
    The sorting order for these commands is set in
    Preferences - Misc Options - File sort order for Next/Previous.
  • New: To open Raw files RawDigger now defaults to RawSpeed library, which is much faster than the standard one. The user can change this default through
    Preferences -> Data Processing -> Use RawSpeed library for file decoding.
    If using RawSpeed the following options can't be changed:
    • Data Processing -> Sony ARW2 Hack is always On,
    • Data Processing -> Linear Raw Curve is always Off.

    In order to set these options differently the user needs to switch off the option to use RawSpeed library. This is because RawSpeed library does not support all the options standard processing does.

  • New: On a Windows platform the user has the control to allow and disallow running multiple instances of the program, using
    Preferences - Misc Options - Run single Program instance.
    If single instance mode is On, starting a new RawDigger process results in the following:
    1. The new process passes the file name that was used to start it (if the file name was passed to to the process as a command-line parameter) to the already existing process.
    2. New process is terminated normally.

    The user can force mode off if RawDigger is started with newinstance parameter like: RawDigger -newinstance [file name]. This will cause the new RawDigger process to start; the process started like that will not accept file names from other RawDigger processes. On an OS X platform new RawDigger instances can be started via Terminal.


Minor improvements

  • The user can set additional file extensions for file open operations (Open and Next/Previous) using
    Preferences - Misc options - Aditional Raw extensions.
    The format to set an extension is *.ext; if adding multiple extensions they need to be separated with a space like *.ext1 *.ext2 etc. The user-defined extension list is merged to the default list of extensions  that are known to RawDigger.
  • The current file directory used to store files is set using the left column of the Save dialog.
  •  When the histogram is saved as a PNG, the histogram mode, the black level and the tone curve that were used to obtain the histogram are added to the image.
  • If the user changes the settings for the black level manually the appropriate black level subtraction mode is set up automatically.
  • If the changes to the Preferences made by the user are such that the file needs to be re-read (for example, SONY ARW2 Hack mode is changed or use RawSpeed option is changed) and the option to
    Preferences - Data Processing - Reset Black Level values on file load
    is On, pressing the Apply button will cause the refresh of the values for the black level in Preferences dialog.


  • Display of EXIF information for the file names that contain non-Latin symbols is now correct.
  • File names for .csv/.txt files are now saved correctly with non-Latin symbols (UTF-8)
  • The display remains stable and does not jitter after clicking Apply button in Preferences
  • An attempt to open a non-existing (deleted) file through File History now results in a correct message and the name of the file is deleted from History.
  • An attempt to open a non-existant file using command line now results in a correct message (instead of the previous "the format is not supported").

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