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RawDigger 1.2

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Version 1.2.27 Changes (2019-05-18)

Camera support

  • Canon EOS 250D
  • Panasonic S1, S1R, G90/95, FZ1000-II,

Panasonic S1R HighRes mode notes:

  • Default RawDigger limit for RGB rendering is 120Mpix, while S1R HighRes images are larger
    (almost 190Mpix). To display RGB rendering, please increase the limit value in
    Preferences: Display Options - Disable RGB Rendering.... limit (you'll need at least
    3GB of free RAM for RawDigger process)
  • GUI toolkit we use for RawDigger is unable to display images larger than 16383 pixels
    in any dimension, while S1R HighRes images are slightly larger (16767 pix wide image area,
    16776 pix full sensor area).
    Thus we temporarily limit RawDigger display/export ability to 16383 pixels only.
    We'll address this issue in next intermediate update (version 1.3.0).

Other changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 11.43

Version 1.2.26 Changes (2019-03-30)

  • Camera support
    • Canon: EOS R, EOS RP, EOS M50, PowerShot SX70 HS
    • CLAUSS pix500
    • Fujifilm X-T30
    • Leica D-Lux7, Q2
    • Nikon Z6, Coolpix A1000
    • Olympus E-M1X
    • Sony ILCE-6400
    • Zenit M
  • Exiftool updated to version 11.33

Version 1.2.25 Changes (2018-11-02)

  • Camera support:
    • Canon 2000D, 4000D
    • Gitup G3 Duo (16:9 mode only, use custom camera to support 4:3 mode)
    • Fujifilm DBP680, X-T3, X-F10, GFX 50R
    • Leica M10-P
    • Nikon P1000, Z7, Z6 (preliminary support), D3500
    • Panasonic LX100M2
    • Pentax K1-II
    • Sony RX100M6, A7-III, HX99 (preliminary support)
  • Exiftool updated to version 11.14
  • Raw data size limit in Preferences - Display options
  • Nikon compressed files: it is now possible to dump RAW curve and use Linear Raw Curve option
  • Better handling of filenames passed in non-local character set
  • New option: Misc Options - If next file load fails, move current filename pointer forward. (so, next Ctrl-arrow will move beyond failed file)
  • Samples squares was not shown after next/prev file switch in some cases

Version 1.2.24 Changes (2018-02-26)

  • Camera support:
    • Olympus E-PL9
    • Fujifilm X-A5, X-A20, X-H1
    • Panasonic DC-GF10/90, GH5S, GX9, TZ200/ZS200, G9 in high-res mode.
    • Sony ARQ format support
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.87
  • Bugs fixed: Sigma Quattro H 'AF points interpolation' was not interpolating last AF points row

Version 1.2.23 Changes (2017-11-24)

  • Camera support:
    • Canon G1 X Mark III, EOS M100
    • Panasonic DC-G9 (only standard compressed raws, high-res mode is not supported yet)
    • PhaseOne IQ3-100-Trichromatic
    • Sony A7R-III, DSC-RX0
  • Preferences - Display Options - Display RGB render in RAW colors replaced with new option Preferences - Display Options - Camera color profile with values
    • No profile (raw color) - same as if old 'display in RAW colors' checked
    • Built-in - internal RawDigger color profile used, same as old 'display in RAW colors' unchecked
    • Embedded in RAW - use color profile embedded in RAW if present. If no such profile exists, RawDigger will fallback to 'Built-in' mode.
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.67
  • User-specified camera definitions have precedence over built-in ones; first match win.
  • Fixed bug in displaying 1/10s shutter speed in histogram window title bar.
  • Fixed color data for some PhaseOne cameras

Version 1.2.22 Changes (2017-09-22)

  • Camera support added:
    • Fujifilm X-E3
    • Nikon D850
    • Olympus E-M10 Mark III
    • Sony RX10-IV
  • Fixed daylight white balance (in RGB render) for Phase One cameras
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.61

Version 1.2.21 Changes (2017-08-01)

  • Camera support added:
    • Canon 200D, 6D Mark II
    • Fujifilm X-A10
    • Gitup GIT2P
    • Leica TL2
    • Nikon D7500
  • CGATS export:
    • LinearMax=val added to DESCRIPTOR field if camera provides this data (note: black level is not subtracted)
    • WBAsShot=a,b,c,d added to DESCRIPTOR field if camera provides as-shot white balance
    • New checkbox 'Add DESCRIPTOR "DCP Profile"' in Samples export dialog. Will add this text string to CGATS output (for use with BasicColor Input profiler to create DNG profiles).
  • New setting to Preferences - Histogram, 'Set linear histogram auto range'.
    • If one sets it to 'Camera data range', histogram opens (or is recalculated for a new file) with max limits.
    • If set to 'Current frame data', linear scale range will reflect current frame min/max values
  • Bugs fixed
    • image does not move on next/prev file.
    • OS X: fixed freeze if key is expired and RawDigger was run by dragging image on program icon
  • Exiftool updated to 10.60

Version 1.2.20 Changes (2017-05-25)

  • Camera support added
  • Sony A9
  • Panasonic DC-TZ90/ZS70
  • Olympus TG-5
  • Better support for Leaf Credo files
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.53
  • Tiff Export: set stripe size to 64 rows for compressed TIFFs for better compatibility with OS X Preview.

Version 1.2.19 Changes (2017-04-09)

  • Camera support added:
    • Canon G9 X Mark II, EOS M6, 77D, 800D
    • Fujifilm X-A3
    • Hasselblad H6D-100c
    • Panasonic DC-GH5
    • Pentax KP
  • Support for DNG DefaultCrop tags
  • Correct handling of linear DNG margins if both DNG SDK and RawSpeed are turned off
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.50
  • Fixed (rare) problem with Fuji GFX 50s handling


Version 1.2.18 Changes (2017-02-10)

  • Camera support added
    • Fujifilm  X100F, X-T20, GFX 50S
    • Hasselblad X1D: fixed handling of high-ISO files
    • Leica M10
    • Nikon B700
    • Panasonic DC-FZ80
    • Histogram window title updates if missing data was read by Exiftool
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.41

Version 1.2.17 Changes (2017-01-20)

  • Camera support added
    • Nikon D5600
    • Panasonic GX800/850/GF9
    • Sigma Quattro H
  • Support for DNG files with multiple images with different linearization data in one file
  • (again) Fixed display problem with some old Canon sRAWs
  • Support to Magic Lantern "out of camera" DNG
  • Fixed incorrect black level for Sony A350
  • Handling of black level tag in Canon (Kodak) D2000C files
  • Handling of black level for Sony A7RM2 files without black level metadata (old firmware bug?)
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.40
  • Windows10: File - Screenshot - JPEG format works now.

Version 1.2.16 Changes (2016-12-23)

  • Camera support added
    • Canon EOS M5
    • Google Pixel and Pixel XL
    • Hasselblad X1D and True Zoom
    • Olympus E-M1-mkII
    • Panasonic DMC-FZ2000/2500/FZH1, DMC-LX9/10/15
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
    • Sony ILCA-99M2 (A99-II), ILCE-6500
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.37
  • Fixed display problem with some (old) Canon sRAWs

Version 1.2.15 Changes (2016-10-17)

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.30
    • Camera support addedd
    • Apple iPhone/iPad DNGs
    • Olympus E-PL8
    • Sony DSC-RX100V
    • Canon sRAW/mRAW format for modern cameras (80D, 5D4)
  • Better exiftool subprocess handling
  • Better handling of corrupted Foveon files
  • Additional integrity checks for Samsung NX files

Version 1.2.14 Changes (2016-09-19)

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.26
  • Camera support addedd
    • Raspberry Pi Camera (V1 and V2)
    • Panasonic DMC-G80/85
    • Pentax K-70
    • Sigma sd Quattro
  • Fixed problem with Samsung EX2F frame size

Version 1.2.13 Changes (2016-08-29)

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.25
  • CGATS Export: additional grid description fields
  • Camera support addedd
    • Canon 5D Mark IV (Dual Pixel RAW: use frame selection drop-down at program window bottom to select second frame)
    • Gitup GIT2
    • Several Android phone sensors

Version 1.2.12 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.23
  • Support for user-defined cameras via registry/defaults section
  • Fixed bug in RAW histogram calculation for compressed Fuji X-Trans files when 'Masked pixels' set to On.
  • Camera support addedd
    • Canon G7 X Mark II
    • Fujifilm X-T2

Version 1.2.11 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.18
  • Camera support addedd
    • Pentax K-1

Version 1.2.10 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.16
  • Camera support addedd
    • Canon 1300D
    • Fujifilm X-Pro2 Compressed RAWs
    • HTC One (A9)
    • Nikon D500
    • Panasonic GX80/85

Version 1.2.9 Changes

  • Fixed bug in Linearization table processing for Linear (interpolated) DNG files
  • Fixed bug in Sigma Quattro low-sensitivity pixels interpolation for pixel values below black level
  • Camera support added: Sony A68 (ILCA-68)

Version 1.2.8 Changes

  • New setting Misc Options - Use small fonts in information panels Decreases the font size and shrinks the gaps between the informational panels in the upper part of the program window. Useful for the lower resolution displays.
  • EXIF informational panel re-worked
    • it is not modal anymore, does not stay on top, and a new file can be opened without closing the EXIF panel
    • [EXIF] button opens the EXIF panel; if, however, it is already open, pressing this button brings the panel to the top
    • Menu - Windows - Exif (or Alt-E) opens and closes the panel
    • the text in the panel, or some part of it can be selected with the mouse and copied, using the context menu
    • the user adjustments to the position and the size of the EXIF panel are restored upon program restart
    • data filtering is added to EXIF panel (Filter: in the upper part of the panel); filters accept regexps, so one can put strings like Width|Height there copy to Clipboard button by default copies the filtered data; if you want to copy all the information please check Copy full table
  • Fixed bug in histograms preferences changes if histogram window was opened than closed.
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.13
  • Camera support added:
    • Canon 80D, 1D X Mark II
    • Nikon D5
    • Panasonic DMC-TZ100/101/ZS100
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Sony ILCE-6300

Version 1.2.7 Changes

  • Camera support added:
    • Phase One IQ150
    • Fujifilm X70, X-E2S
    • Fujifilm X-E2 firmware 4.0
    • Leica M (Typ 262), X-U (Typ 113)
    • Olympus Pen-F
    • Panasonic DMC-TZ80/81/85/ZS60

Version 1.2.6 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.10
  • Camera support added: Fujifilm X-Pro2

Version 1.2.5 Changes

  • Fixed bug in maximized main window state restore (occurs on some Windows 10 installations).

Version 1.2.4 Changes

  • Fixed a bug occurring when reading a damaged .eip files.
  • Keeping the size of the main window: both the maximized statuus and the size before maximization are saved.
  • CSV exporting: integer values like file number, sample number, sample coordinates are now written without quotes.
  • Disable RGB Rendering for files larger... limit is increased to 200Mpix.
  • Standard value for 64-bit versions is increased to 120MPix for new installations, if you already have RawDigger installed please increase this value in Preferences - Display Options if you need to process raw files from Phase One IQ3.
  • Support for PhaseOne 16-bit compressed format
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.09
  • Camera support added:
    • Phase One IQ3 100Mpix

Version 1.2.3 Changes

  • Grid Setup dialog: substantially more responsive to the change of parameters.
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.07
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • Sony RX1R II

Version 1.2.2 Changes

  • Grid Setup dialog:
    • shortcut (Ctrl-G/Cmd-G) to turn it on/off
    • new checkbox Preferences - Misc. Options - Put grid setup dialog on top of all Windows (this setting will take effect after RawDigger restart).
  • Bug fixed: Histogram window title not updated correctly on file change.
  • Bug fixed: too large Zoom Out button on OS X El Capitan
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.05
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • Canon PowerShot G5 X, G9 X, EOS M10
    • Leica SL (Typ 601)

Version 1.2.1 Changes

  • Fixed information window sizes for HiDPI screens
  • .EIP files handling requires less memory
  • Support for all  floating point and 16-bit integer DNG via Adobe DNG SDK
  • Support for uncompressed 12-bit files from Nikon 1 series
  • Support for uncompressed Sony A7 files
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.02
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • DXO One
    • Leica S (Typ 007)
    • Olympus E-M10 Mark II
    • Ricoh GR II
    • Sony A7S-II

Version 1.2.0 Changes

  • Fixed a bug causing wrong indication of exposure parameters in histogram window title.
  • New data formats supported:
    • BlackMagic 1:3 compression (BlackMagic URSA CinemaDNG)
    • Pentax K-3 II 4-shot mode:
      • new setting Data Processing - Vendor specific - Pentax K3-II - Merge data for 4-shot frames to merge 4 shots into one 4-channel (with 2 green channels)
  • Support for DNG files containing floating point data:
    • Only compressed files (deflate) are supported for now, we have no samples of uncompressed files.  If you have any floating point DNG files that are not currently supported by RawDigger please send us some samples.
    • Both Bayer-type and linear DNG (3 color channels) files are supported
    • Files containing 16-, 24-, and 32-bit floating point data are supported.
    • As the source floating point data may be normalized in different ways (i.e., 0-1. or 0-1000000, or to some other range), while in RawDigger the histogram and statistics are in 16-bit integers, upon the opening of a raw file containing floating point raw data the program performs a conversion to integer values, applying a re-normalization to a different range if necessary.

      The conversion is controlled through the following settings:

      Preferences - Data Processing - Floating point data normalization group:

        For data maximum below AAAA or above BBBB

        Scale data range to CCC

      The meaning of the settings is as following:

         if the actual data range _or_ the value of the maximum in the DNG file are out of the range АААА-BBBB

         then all the data numbers (pixel values) will be multiplied by the same coefficient, to make the actual maximum equal to CCCC

      If the data numbers were scaled as noted above, the multiplier will be displayed on the bottom bar, like this: 'FP data normalized: 1.23456' (it means that all the data numbers were multiplied by 1.23456)
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.00

Version 1.1.7 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 9.99
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • Nikon D810A
    • Panasonic DMC-G7,DMC-GX8
    • Sony A7R-II,RX10-II

Version 1.1.6 Changes

  • Exiftool updated to version 9.98
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • Canon 5DS/5DS R in sRAW/mRAW modes
    • Fujifilm X-T10
    • Leica Q
    • Olympus AIR-A01
    • Pentax K3 II (standard mode only, 1-st subframe extracted for 4-shot images)
    • Sigma dp3 Quattro
    • Sony RX100-IV

Version 1.1.5 Changes

  • Restoring the positions of program windows: before restoring the position of a window position check is performed for every window (main program window, table with sample data / measurements, histogram windows) to ensure window visibility for current monitor configuration, and that at least the title bar of a window is visible
  • OS X 10.10: support for new Drag'n'Drop API (file://.id=)
  • File export dialogue is reworked to address those rare cases when it causes program crash under OS X
  • Exiftool updated to version 9.95
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • Canon: 750D, 760D, M2, M3
    • Leica: Monochrom (Typ 246)
    • Nikon: J5
    • Olympus: SH-2, TG-4

Version 1.1.4 Changes

  • Adopted for small screens:
    • Histogram window minimum height reduced if Histogram RGGB mode is set to Average G1 and G2 or to G1 only
    • New setting Misc Options - Place EXIF button on bottom bar cleans space in metadata area (this setting takes effect after program restart)
  • Exiftool updated to version 9.90
  • New Camera Support:
    • Canon 5DS and 5DS R (full resolution RAW only, not tested in sRAW/mRAW modes)
    • Fujifilm X-A2 and XQ2
    • Several smartfones with RAW mode: Lenovo a820, HTC UltraPixel, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus (and other smartfones on MTK 6589 and Sony IMX135/072 chips)
    • Nikon D5500 and D7200
    • Pentak K-S2
    • Samsung NX500

Version 1.1.3 Changes

  • New Action: Menu - File - Close File:
    • closes the current file, frees up memory
    • closes all additional windows (samples, histograms)
    • changes the current folder to %HOME%/Pictures or %HOME%

    Useful when working with removable media (flash cards, and others), allows to un-mount and eject the device without closing RawDigger

  • Exiftool updated to version 9.83
  • New Camera Support:
    • Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver
    • Hasselblad Stellar II
    • Olympus E-M5 Mark II (including high-resolution mode)
    • Panasonic DMC-CM1, DMC-GF7

Version 1.1.2 Changes

  • Windows: RawDigger adds itself to 'Open With' list for the supported file types / extensions.
  • OS X: Upon the first start of RawDigger it will be added to the OpenWith list for the extensions, supported in RawDigger (this list appears if Control-click or right-click is pressed while in Finder).
  • Exiftool updated to version 9.77.
  • Additional camera support:
    • Fujifilm X100T
    • Leaf Credo 50
    • Leica M-P, X (Typ 113)
    • Olympus STYLUS1s
    • Panasonic GM1s, GM5
    • Pentax K-S1, Q-S1
    • Samsung NX1
    • Sigma dp1 Quattro
    • Sony A7-II

Version 1.1.1 Changes

  • Support for Nikon Coolscan NEFs

    Unfortunately we can't read gamma setting directly from the scan NEF file. To address this, RawDigger provides an option to manually set the gamma in Preferences - Data Processing/Vendor Specific - Coolscan NEF files gamma.

  • Exiftool updated to version 9.72
  • Additional camera support:
    • Canon: 7D Mark II, SX60 HS, G7 X
    • Fujifilm X30
    • Leica D-Lux (Typ 109), V-Lux (Typ 114)
    • Nikon D750
    • Panasonic DMC-LC100
    • Sony ILCE-QX1
  • Minor bug in CGATS export fixed: for manual black level setting, in CGATS export black level was indicated as zero

Version 1.1.0 Changes


  • for 3-channel and 1-channel raw data only 3-channel and 1-channel histograms are displayed, correspondingly.

    Empty histogram windows for non-existing channels are not displayed now.
  • additional settings to control the display of 4-channel histograms for Bayer RGBG raw data (Preferences - 'Histograms' - "Histogram for RGBG bayer images"):
    • Display G1 and G2 - to display 4 histograms
    • G1 only - to display 3 histograms, using R, G1, and B channel data
    • Average G1 and G2 - to display 3 histograms, using R channel data, averaged G1 and G2 data, and B channel data:
      • histogram bins are averaged between G1 and G2 channels
      • Channel statistics:
        • Min/Max - minimum and maximum values, correspondingly
        • Values (number of repeating values) - maximum between the channels
        • Pixels - average between the channels
  • New option for vertical scaling, Square root; resulting histogram is less spiky compared to linear scaling, but less flat compared to logarithmic scaling.
  • In addition to checkboxes, active regions to control histogram display now include the mode labels too, so the modes can be switched also by clicking on the labels themselves.
  • New Histograms tab in Preferences:
    • moved setting: Histogram Scale setting (moved from Display tab)
    • moved setting: Remember scale ranges (formerly Remember last used Histogram settings on the Misc tab)
  • new setting: Set histogram EV0 by with 2 choices:
    • Current frame data: EV0 will be set 3 stops below the maximum for the current frame rounded up to the next power of two
    • Camera data range: EV0 will be set relative to the theoretical maximum for the camera rounded up to the next power of two; this setting is meant to facilitate the comparison of underexposed and normally exposed frames from the same camera, because now the maximum and EV0 value do not depend on the exposure.
  • EV grid step controls are available when automatic selection of EV0 is turned on.
  • A bug causing the parameters of the vertical axis of the histogram not to be always properly restored in Remember scale ranges mode is fixed.
  • Minimum bin size for autoscaling of X axis of histogram in EV-scale mode is set to 1/48 EV.
  • Support (non-automatic) for display of histograms on HiDPI (Retina) monitors. The option is switched on manually with the help of the following settings:
    • HiDPI histogram window mode (for HiDPI screens) - doubles the resolution for the histogram window
    • High resolution histogram PNG export - to double the size of the histogram image when exporting to PNG format, effectively doubling the resolution of the output.
  • (Windows only) The setting Histogram windows always on top of main window - switches on the mode when the histogram windows are displayed on top of the main program window. If this mode is on, histogram windows are not displayed as separate in the taskbar.
  • New setting Additional data in histogram title bar to select the data to be displayed on the title bar of the histogram window. Chices include "exposure" data (shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed), camera model, both, or none.
  • Histogram settings (axes ranges, type of vertical scaling) are memorized also when closing the histogram window, not only when those settings are changed. Thus, the settings for the last closed histogram window will be active upon opening a new histogram window.
  • Bug fixed: for OS X, horizontal grid divisions were not displayed

Minor changes

  • In certain cases, faster program start.
  • Misc - Remember OvExp/UnExp checkbox settings is now moved to Over/Under Exposure tab.
  • For CGATS export, black levels are listed per channel.
  • For cameras made by Sony, Canon, and Nikon ISO speed above 64000 is indicated correctly.
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.70.
  • Support for new cameras:
    • Blackmagic Production Camera 4k
    • Kodak S-1
    • Olympus E-PL7
    • Sony A5100

Version 1.0.9 Changes

  • Settings related to specific data formats or manufacturers only (that is, Sony ARW2, Panasonic, PhaseOne, Sigma dp2 Quattro, Canon/Nikon sRAW/Small RAW), have been moved to the "Vendor Specific" subsection within the Data Processing settings section. Settings affecting all cameras/data formats remain in the main "Data Processing" section.

  • Sigma dp2 Quattro support:

    The following settings in the "Data Processing -> Vendor Specific" Preferences subsection have been added:

    • R and G channels interpolation - turns on the duplication of pixels in the R and G channels to form a 2x2 square
    • Low sensitivity pixel interpolation - turns on the normalization of pixels with lower sensitivity found in the R and G channels (in the dp2 Quattro camera, every 64th pixel in the R and G channels has a sensitivity lowered by about 2 stops. What these pixels are used for is currently not certain, possibly for exposure control in overexposed areas).

  • Histogram
    • the bug on rare occasions causing the histogram to appear unopulated upon the change of the size of the histogram window is resolved
    • the labels on horizontal axis are continued all the way to the right instead of reaching only to the maximum of the range settings on top of histogram window

  • New camera support:
    • Casio EX-100
    • Hasselblad H5D
    • Nikon D810, 1 J4, 1 S2
    • Panasonic DMC-FZ1000, AG-GH4
    • Pentax 645Z
    • Samsung NX3000
    • Sony A7S, DSC-RX100III
  • New color data for some Hasselblad cameras
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.69

Version 1.0.8 Changes

  • Libraw updated:
    • new routine for flat field for PhaseOne cameras
    • improved support of sRAW files for Canon 1D-X
    • added camera support:
      • Canon A550, G1 X Mark II, SD950, EOS 1200D
      • Leica T (Typ 701)
      • Nikon 1V3, Coolpox P340
      • Panasonic GH4
      • Samsung NX30, NX mini
      • Sony ILCE-3000, ILCE-6000, ILCA-77M2 (A77-II)

Version 1.0.7 Changes

  • For DNG files having CFA pattern dimensons different from the dimensions in BlackLevelRepeatDim tag black level is displayed correctly:
    • on the BlackLevel button
    • in the black level fields in Prefernces, given Reset Black Level on file load is enabled
  • When the black level is set manually Black Level button at the lower left corner of the main window indicates the number of black level values according to the number of channels (it was always 4 numbers previously)

Version 1.0.6 Changes

  • Support for Nikon Small Raw (D4s NEF Size S):
    • To extract unprocessed YCC data, switch on

      Show YCbCr data for Canon/Nikon sRAW files in Preferences - Data Processing.
    • To disable Cb/Cr interpolation, switch on "Do not interpolate Cb/Cr channels data (Canon/Nikon sRAW)" in Preferences - Data Processing.
    • In RGB-mode ("Show YCbCr…" setting is off) the image is rendered from luma and color-difference data:

      * linearized

      * chromaticities are close to sRGB so no additional color transformations are performed.
  • LibRaw updated:
    • support for DNG files that originate from Fuji X-Trans RAFs
    • support for DNG files that include tonal (linearization) curves with more than 4096 entries.
  • Problems fixed: Qt 4.8.5 has a feature that prevents from building a single distribution, compatible with all current Mac OS X versions in 32- and 64-bit modes. Starting from RawDigger 1.0.6 we will be offering two distributions for Mac OS X:
    • Main distribution: Universal binary 32/64 bits which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9 in 64-bit mode, and with Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.9 in 32-bit mode
    • Legacy 32-bit version compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9 but without support for Retina display.

Version 1.0.5 changes

New Features

  • New Sony processing mode

    Preferences - Data Processing - Sony ARW2 processing options - Delta step relative to value

    This mode is to display the ratio of the minimum delta step to the pixel value. For those image areas where this ratio is large and the contrasty details do not exist (like it is in the sky) the normally processed image may exhibit visible posterization. The values are displayed in per mil (a tenth of percent, or one per thousand).
    • Additional setting

      Ignore shadows below level NN

      Delta step relative to value mode necessarily highlights all the shadow areas in the image because the minimum step in raw for shadows is relatively large - with minimum step value of 2 for the pixel value of 64 the step is equal to 3%. This setting allows to switch off that (usually unnecessary) shadow highlighting.
  • Support for .EIP CaptureOne files
  • Exiftool updated to 9.54
  • LibRaw updated:

    Support for Fujifilm S1 and Nikon D4s (small size NEFs are currently not supported)
  • New sorting for RAW extensions in Open file dialogue, old and uncommon file extensions are now in the end of the list.

    This is to get around of the limitations imposed by older versions of Windows that impose a limit on the length of the extension list.

    User-defined extensions are now placed at the head of the list instead of appending to the tail.

Bugs fixed

  • Libraw updated: shutter speed for Sigma SD9 and SD10 cameras is now displayed correctly.
  • Incompatibilities with activating RawDigger when running both 32- and 64- bit versions of the program in Windows 64-bit environment are fixed.

Version 1.0.4 changes

  • LibRaw updated:

    Corrected black level setting for 12-bit NEF files for Nikon cameras that are using non-zero black levels (currently D3300 and D5300)

  • Exiftool updated to version 9.50

Version 1.0.3 changes

  • New setting

    Preferences - Data Processing - Sony ARW2 processing options

    Applies only to processing of Sony cRAW format Settings:
    • None (standard processing) - standard processing
    • Only base pixels - In each 16-byte block, only pixels that have exact values are unpacked. The values of other pixels are set to zero.
    • Only delta pixels - In each 16-byte block, only the pixels that are coded as deltas from the minimum value in the block are unpacked. The base value (minimum in the block) is added to the result.
    • Delta pixels relative to zero - same as above but the base value is not added. This mode helps to locate compression artifacts.
  • New setting

    Preferences - Overexposure detection - Auto - Auto OE Offset

    This setting allows to offset the automatically detected value of overexposure. It can be set in the range of -8 to +1 EV. Can be used to determine which areas of the raw data will be blown out if the exposure is increased (negative OE Offset values correspond to exposure increase!).

    If Underexposure Detection is set to 'Offset from Saturation' OE Offset shifts the underexposure detection margin accordingly, allowing to predict the underexposed areas for the new exposure setting.
  • New setting

    Preferences - Overexposure detection - Auto - Sensitivity - Full Well limited camera

    Turns on the new method to detect OE, useful for the cases where the output is limited not by ADC but by the full well (or close to full well). The method locates the "fuzzy hump" in highlights which is specific for full-well limited raw data processing. Some cameras at certain ISO settings (base ISO or lower than base ISO) exhibit this type of behavior (one of the examples is Panasonic GX7 at ISO 125 setting)
  • Setting deleted: Sony ARW2 Hack.
  • Exiftool updated to 9.49
  • LibRaw updated, new cameras added:

    cellular phones: Alcatel 5035D, Nokia 1600x1200, DJI 4438x3288, Matrix 4608x3288

    Canon PowerShot A3300 IS (CHDK hack)

    Fujifilm F900EXR and X-T1

    Leica X2

    Nikon D3300 (preliminary support, no data to compute color transform for RGB rendering yet)

    Olympus E-PL6 and E-M10

    Panasonic FZ7,FX70 and TZ60/61

    PhaseOne IQ250

    Sony ILCE-5000 (preliminary support, no data to compute color transform for RGB rendering yet)
  • Bugs fixed: in one rare case the histogram maximum was calculated incorrectly.

Version 1.0.2 changes

  • To allow users to activate RawDigger in both trial and fully licensed modes without direct Internet access, manual activation mode is added.
  • Camera support: Nikon Df color data were copied to D4 (the Df device data is better, and the CFAs are practically identical).
  • Bug fix: There used to be a possibility of the program crashing while opening new files in a very rapid succession because the new file was opened before exiftool was finished processing the previous one.
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.44

Version 1.0.1 changes

  • Export to TIFF: option ‘Copy EXIF tags from RAW file’
    • for RGB rendering the output files are tagged with sRGB color space
    • for all other modes of export the output files are untagged; you may need to assign the proper color space on import to a graphics editor program
  • ‘Selection by numbers’ dialog
    • ‘Center selection on image’ checkbox is added to the dialogue; if the checkmark is set, the center of selection is aligned to the center of the image
    • For OS X the dialogue is adjusted so that the wording is not truncated
  • Processing of registration information is improved:
    • On license key input all extra characters (spaces, tabulation marks, etc) are ignored. Also, lowercase letters are automatically replaced with uppercase ones
    • The key is checked at input, if they key does not pass the sanity check, a warning is issued
  • Camera support
    • The size of the image area for Nikon Df camera is adjusted
    • Correct RGB rendering for Fujifilm cameras X-E2 and XQ1
    • Correct parameters of Bayer Pattern for Canon A3300 (CHDK)
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.43

Version 1.0.0 Changes

Licensing changes

RawDigger is Shareware now. You can use it free of charge during 30 days trial period. To continue using RawDigger after the end of the trial period please purchase the License.

RawDigger can be licensed as one of three Editions that differ in functionality and price:

  • Exposure Edition for everyday use: it displays RAW data in all modes (RGB, RAW Composite, and RAW per channel), indicates over- and underexposed areas, displays of RAW histogram, image statistics, statistics and histogram for selected area.
  • Research Edition is intended for camera/sensor evaluation (personal use and for preparing reviews, as well as to help with programming RAW data processing); it includes all the functionality of the Exposure Edition and adds TIFF export, multiple selected areas via Samples, tables of sampled data; statistics and histograms over multiple samples, exporting sampled data as CSV and CGATS.
  • Profile Edition helps to create sensor calibration data, linearization data, or device data for color profiling. It adds selection grids for faster processing of step wedges and color targets, as well as for calculating non-uniformity maps. Profile Edition allows to apply white balance, normalization, equalization (Flat Field), and filtering of outlying values before data export.

See Compare Editions table for details.

Other changes

New Features

  • LibRaw updated:

    New cameras supported:
    • Leica C, X VARIO
    • Nikon D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
    • Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
    • Olympus STYLUS1
    • Pentax K-3
    • Sony RX10, A3000 (ILCE-3000)

    New color data for the following cameras:

    • Canon S120
    • Nikon P7800, 1 J3
    • Olympus E-M1

    Visible area size adjusted for the following cameras:

    • Canon G16
    • Sigma pre-Merrill: Low- and Medium-size RAW

  • Improved EXIF parsing:
    • Processing of non-standard Nikon ISO tag (numeric values for Lo and Hi ISO are indicated)
    • Nikon Black Level tag is deciphered and processed (currently Nikon D5300 only is using this tag)
  • Exiftool updated to 9.41
  • New RawDigger update mechanism:
    • check for updates is now independent from the display of the splash screen
    • improved the speed of the program start if internet connection is slow
    • Preferences-Misc Options-Check for updates controls the update check frequency (on each program start or once in 1-3-7-15-30 days).

GUI bugs fixed

  • EXIF window:
    • EXIF display button overlaps only with the last line of EXIF data and does not limit the width of the table.
    • EXIF window stays coherent when the window is stretched.
  • Mac GUI:
    • Retina support: improved rendition on HiDPI displays; Retina "look" are supported in all views except the histogram, where a low resolution bitmap is used.
    • Mac OS X 10.8+: the "look" is improved due to font substitution used on program start. The bug with the "reduce" button style is fixed.