RawDigger 1.2.21

  • Camera support added:
    • Canon 200D, 6D Mark II
    • Fujifilm X-A10
    • Gitup GIT2P
    • Leica TL2
    • Nikon D7500
  • CGATS export:
    • LinearMax=val added to DESCRIPTOR field if camera provides this data (note: black level is not subtracted)
    • WBAsShot=a,b,c,d added to DESCRIPTOR field if camera provides as-shot white balance
    • New checkbox 'Add DESCRIPTOR "DCP Profile"' in Samples export dialog. Will add this text string to CGATS output (for use with BasicColor Input profiler to create DNG profiles).

FastRawViewer 1.4 Release

FastRawViewer 1.4

Main points:

  • The sorting and filtration of files in folders has been significantly extended
  • Touchscreen support
  • File tree editing - add/create/rename
  • Drag-drop files into other applications
  • Drag-drop into the folder tree (as well as Favorite folders)
  • XMP processing has been expanded and improved
  • EXIF is now always displayed in Grid mode (without any user actions)
  • Over- and Underexposure display has been improved

Color is a Slippery Trickster

Origina ARW from SONY a6500: embedded JPEG vs. render using correct camera profile

“How do you know, when you think blue — when you say blue — that you are talking about the same blue as anyone else?"

Christopher Moore, Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art

The goals of this article are twofold: the first is to demonstrate that out-of-camera JPEGs, including in-camera previews, can’t be implicitly, with no checking, used to evaluate color (as we already know, the in-camera histogram is misleading, too). The second is to show that it isn’t necessary that the camera manufacturer-recommended converter be specifically tuned to match the out-of-camera JPEG.

RawDigger 1.2.17

RawDigger 1.2.17

Changes/New features

  • Camera support added
    • Nikon D5600
    • Panasonic GX800/850/GF9
    • Sigma Quattro H
  • Support for DNG files with multiple images with different linearization data in one file and Magic Lantern "out of camera" DNG
  • Fixed some problems (display of some old Canon sRAWs, incorrect black level for Sony A350 etc.)
  • Handling of black level tag for Canon (Kodak) D2000C files and Sony A7RM2 files without black level metadata
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.40

RawDigger 1.2.16

RawDigger 1.2.16

Changes/New features

  • Exiftool updated to version 10.37
  • Camera support added:
    • Canon EOS M5
    • Google Pixel and Pixel XL
    • Hasselblad X1D and True Zoom
    • Olympus E-M1-mkII
    • Panasonic DMC-FZ2000/2500/FZH1, DMC-LX9/10/15
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
    • Sony ILCA-99M2 (A99-II), ILCE-6500
  • Fixed display problem with some (old) Canon sRAWs


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