RawDigger 1.2.0

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Changes/New features

  • Fixed a bug causing wrong indication of exposure parameters in histogram window title.
  • New data formats supported:
    • BlackMagic 1:3 compression (BlackMagic URSA CinemaDNG)
    • Pentax K-3 II 4-shot mode:
      • new setting Data Processing - Vendor specific - Pentax K3-II - Merge data for 4-shot frames to merge 4 shots into one 4-channel (with 2 green channels)
  • Support for DNG files containing floating point data:
    • Only compressed files (deflate) are supported for now, we have no samples of uncompressed files.  If you have any floating point DNG files that are not currently supported by RawDigger please send us some samples.
    • Both Bayer-type and linear DNG (3 color channels) files are supported
    • Files containing 16-, 24-, and 32-bit floating point data are supported.
    • As the source floating point data may be normalized in different ways (i.e., 0-1. or 0-1000000, or to some other range), while in RawDigger the histogram and statistics are in 16-bit integers, upon the opening of a raw file containing floating point raw data the program performs a conversion to integer values, applying a re-normalization to a different range if necessary.

      The conversion is controlled through the following settings:

      Preferences - Data Processing - Floating point data normalization group:

        For data maximum below AAAA or above BBBB

        Scale data range to CCC

      The meaning of the settings is as following:

         if the actual data range _or_ the value of the maximum in the DNG file are out of the range АААА-BBBB

         then all the data numbers (pixel values) will be multiplied by the same coefficient, to make the actual maximum equal to CCCC

      If the data numbers were scaled as noted above, the multiplier will be displayed on the bottom bar, like this: 'FP data normalized: 1.23456' (it means that all the data numbers were multiplied by 1.23456)
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.00

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