RawDigger 0.9.10

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New and changed buttons and behaviors:
  • Sample is set by Alt+Click (replacing the right-click)
  • Ctrl-L to open/close Samples window
  • Ctrl-M to convert Selection to Sample (also, context menu action available for this)
  • Ctrl= same as Ctrl+
  • With the press and hold of the left mouse button the image can be scrolled in the window
  • Samples and Selections now can be re-positioned using mouse
Selections & Samples:
  • If the selection had a histogram window opened after the selection to sample conversion this window will display the sample histogram.
  • Context selection menu (right-click): delete, convert to sample, show/hide histogram
  • Context sample menu (right-click): delete, show/hide histogram
  • Colors in Samples window
    • The cell background color represents the channel color
    • The font color corresponds to the color in the info windows, min is blue, max is green
  • Samples selected in the table can be deleted with the Del key.
  • The minimum value for the EV scale is set automatically, depending on the EV0 setting
  • 1/3 EV grid
  • The EV grid display is reworked to assure that the scale always stays within the limits of the histogram
  • Last used settings are now preserved (see "Preferences" section below)
Exiftool integration:
  • Exiftool comes with RawDigger distribution
  • If Exiftool was able to parse the file EXIF data is available with the press of the "EXIF" button in 'Image Metadata' panel
  • Divided into 3 tabs (Display Options, Data Processing, Misc. Options)
  • New settings:
    • Display Options Default Display Mode in Preferences to set the mode for the file display (fully defined or the last used). If the settings are to use RGB render but it is not possible for the current file Raw composite mode will be used instead.
    • Display Options  Histogram Scale to set the type of the horizontal scale for a new histogram window (linear, photographic, last used)
    • Data Processing  Sony ARW2 Hack to disable the division of the raw data by 4, black level is multiplied by 4 to compensate (see user manual for more details)
    • Misc Options  Remember last used Histogram Settings to store the last settings made for a histogram window. Those settings will be used while opening a new histogram window
    • Misc Options  Save windows positions on exit to store the positions of all the windows
    • Misc Options  ExifTool settings to set the path to ExifTool and command line parameters passed to the utility
    • Misc Options  Unload opened file before open new one to decrease the amount of memory necessary.
Changes to interface and behavior:
  • Display of current black level subtraction mode and values is now available on the buttons in the bottom status line. Pressing the button brings the appropriate tab of the Preferences dialogue
  • For non-RGB(G)files RAW Composite display mode is available. 2x2 pixels and Display RGBG As Gray modes are switched on in this case, the conflicting user settings are ignored
  • Display control block is reworked, redundant button show raw is taken off.
Processing of very large raw files is improved:
  • For the files larger than 40Mpix RGB render is not performed
  • New option "Unload opened file before opening a new one" to free more memory before file load.
Other changes and bugfixes:
  • When the window size is decreased to minimal and Fit to Window is active the zoom does not switch to 100%
  • The file name processing for national alphabets is changed and now those files can be opened independent of the Windows/Regional Settings

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