RawDigger 0.9.16

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New functionality and major improvements

  • Support for non-Bayer RAW files (sRAW, linear DNG, multishot mode).
    Before display, YCC-coded files are converted to RGB through LibRaw/RawSpeed.
  • Support for lossy-compressed DNG format (introduced in Lightroom 4).
  • Correct processing of the files containing 1 to 3 channels:
    • the correct number of columns (and rows) is displayed in the tables;
    • unused histogram slots are displayed as grey rectangles;
    • non-existing channels can t be selected for per-channel display.
  • The format of cell naming for the color tables can be selected to contain leading zero (like, for example, A01 instead 1). CGATS files now contain CGATS.17 in the first line to assure better compatibility with recent versions of Argyll CMS.
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.28

Bugs fixed

  • Mac X: when opening several files (Drop selected files from the Finder) the program should not crash now because of getting data from Exiftool for the files that are already closed (Windows do not have this problem because Drag-Drop of several files causes only the first one to be opened).
  • Final solution for the problem of showing the overexposure for the files having 65535 as the maximum value.

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