RawDigger 0.9.19 Beta


New features

  • Exporting Bayer RAW data as single channel (grayscale) TIFFs. This feature is most useful for exporting data obtained from DIY black and white cameras with removed CFAs (maxmax.com and similar methods).
  • It is now possible to switch off auto exposure compensation for RGB render display
    Preferences - Display Options - Automatic exposure correction for RGB render

Changes and improvements

  • The last set of Selection Grid parameters are now automatically saved and reused when the program is restarted.
  • The user can now control the set of folders that is displayed in the sidebar of the "Save.." dialogues (that is, export of RAW data and saving the measurement tables). Preferences - Misc Options - Sidebar folders in "Save.." dialogues:
    • Remember the list of used folders ("traditional" behavior) to display the list of previously used folders.
    • Standard list: include only Desktop, Documents, Pictures, TEMP, and Home folder.
    • Home Folder only

    (This change has been implemented to address user complaints such as: If the list of used folders contains a slow or a disconnected (networked) disk, the "Save.." dialogues are very slow.)

  • For CGATS file export, the fields that can potentially contain a space are now enclosed in single quotes.
  • RAW/RGB data can be exported as an Uncompressed TIFF. For compressed TIFFS, the compression factor is increased (files are smaller).
  • Floating point numbers now contain no less than 4 significant digits (with the exception of percentages of over and underexposed pixels, where only 3 significant digits are used).
  • New Setting
    Preferences - Misc Options - Disable check for updates at startup
    Enabling this setting prevents RawDigger from checking updates when starting the program.
    Consequently, the scripts noCheckUpdates.reg for Windows platform and noCheckUpdates.sh for OS X platform are not provided anymore.
  • LibRaw has been updated, adding support for the following cameras: Panasonic LF1, Panasonic GX7, Fujifilm X-M1, Canon EOS 70D, Sony RX100II, Sony RX1R, Olympus E-P5.

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