RawDigger 0.9.20 Beta

Note: RawDigger 0.9.20 will stop working on Nov 30, 2013


New features

  • Foveon support:
    • Raw data decoding support for all known Foveon-based cameras
    • For Sigma SD1 and Sigma Merrill cameras black level is computed automatically
    • For Sigma SD1 and Merrill cameras all raw sizes are supported, High, Medium, and Low.
      For Medium size RGB rendering is disabled because the aspect ratio in RAW is ~4800x1600 vs. ~3300x2200 in RGB
    • RGB rendering is supported for all cameras, but with different quality; for SD1 and Merrills it is more usable, for DPxx pre-Merrill series it is just usable, for SD9-SD14 and Polaroid x530 it is very rough.
    • For SD9-SD14 and Polaroid x530 cameras only Auto White Balance is available.
  • LibRaw library updated to support:
    • with full RGB rendering
      • Canon G16
      • Hasselblad Lunar, Stellar
      • Panasonic GM1
      • Pentax K50, K500, Q7
      • Samsung Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)
      • Sony NEX-5T, ILCE-A7, ILCE-A7R, ILCE-A3000
    • preliminary RGB rendering (but of course RAW data is extracted in full)
      • Canon S120
      • Fujifilm X-A1
      • Nikon P7800
    • For Sony and Samsung cameras black level is now based on EXIF information
    • For Sony cameras model name is now based on EXIF tag SonyModelID
    • Support for DNG files without compression tag is added
  • Added support for black level subtraction for non-Bayer (full-color) raw formats
  • Precision of the of floating point values is increased in exported files.
  • EXIF data can be copied to clipboard as a table and as a text, additional button for text export is available in the dialogue
  • EXIFTool updated to version 9.39

Bugs fixed, problems solved

  • For Samples window, clipboard copy (Ctrl/Cmd-C) now works also for the files with less than 4 color channels
  • Due to compatibility issues for Mac OS X 10.5 RawSpeed support is switched off if running under this version.

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