RawDigger 0.9.9

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  • Added an option to set selection in pixel coordinates (Menu-Selection-Set Selection by Numbers)
  • Changed the behavior of Preferences dialogue to make it more intuitive
  • Reduced the amount of memory used
  • Data Processing settings (Subtract Black and its modes, Linear Curve) now affect the RGB on-screen rendering
  • When "Masked Pixels" parameter is changed:
    • the selection area is re-calculated to preserve the selection position relative to the image (that is, selection coordinates are changed)
    • if "Masked Pixels" is turned off the selection areas that include masked pixels are deleted
  • New Preferences parameter: Use Regional settings when saving CSV/CGATS.
    • If it is switched on, the decimal separator is set in accordance to the system settings; and if decimal separator is set to period (".") in system settings - a semicolon (";") is used for separating fields in CSV/CGATS files
    • If the parameter is switched off, period (".") is used as the decimal separator, and comma (",") is used as the field separator.

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