RawDigger 1.0.9

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  • New Preferences Tab: Settings related to specific data formats or manufacturers only (that is, Sony ARW2, Panasonic, PhaseOne, Sigma dp2 Quattro, Canon/Nikon sRAW/Small RAW), have been moved to the "Vendor Specific" subsection within the Data Processing settings section. Settings affecting all cameras/data formats remain in the main "Data Processing" section.

  • Sigma dp2 Quattro support:

    The following settings in the "Data Processing -> Vendor Specific" Preferences subsection have been added:

    • R and G channels interpolation - turns on the duplication of pixels in the R and G channels to form a 2x2 square
    • Low sensitivity pixel interpolation - turns on the normalization of pixels with lower sensitivity found in the R and G channels (in the dp2 Quattro camera, every 64th pixel in the R and G channels has a sensitivity lowered by about 2 stops. What these pixels are used for is currently not certain, possibly for exposure control in overexposed areas).

  • Histogram window changes
    • the bug on rare occasions causing the histogram to appear unopulated upon the change of the size of the histogram window is resolved
    • the labels on horizontal axis are continued all the way to the right instead of reaching only to the maximum of the range settings on top of histogram window
  • New camera support:
    • Casio EX-100
    • Hasselblad H5D
    • Nikon D810, 1 J4, 1 S2
    • Panasonic DMC-FZ1000, AG-GH4
    • Pentax 645Z
    • Samsung NX3000
    • Sony A7S, DSC-RX100III
  • New color data for some Hasselblad cameras
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.69

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