RawDigger 1.2.23

RawDigger 1.2.22

What's new:

  • Camera support added:
  • Canon G1 X Mark III, EOS M10
  • Panasonic DC-G9 (only standard compressed raws, high-res mode is not supported yet)
  • PhaseOne IQ3 100Mp Trichromatic
  • Sony A7R-III, DSC-RX0
  • Preferences - Display Options - Display RGB render in RAW colors replaced with new option Preferences - Display Options - Camera color profile with values:
  • No profile (raw color) - same as if old 'display in RAW colors' checked
  • Built-in - internal RawDigger color profile used, same as old 'display in RAW colors' unchecked
  • Embedded in RAW - use color profile embedded in RAW if present. If no such profile exists, RawDigger will fallback to 'Built-in' mode.
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.67
  • User-specified camera definitions have precedence over built-in ones; first match win.
  • Fixed bug in displaying 1/10s shutter speed in histogram window title bar.
  • Fixed color data for some PhaseOne cameras

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Windows (XP - 10)

Mac OS X

User manual


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