RawDigger 1.2.24 beta

RawDigger 1.2.24 beta

What's new:

  • Camera support added:
  • Sony ARQ format support (these files are  4 single ARW files taken in Multi-Shot mode and stitched by Sony Imaging Edge software)
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.67

If you are using RawDigger for 2+ years, please check the setting for maximum pixel count in RawDigger Preferences - "Display options" - "Disable RGB rendering for files larger than...". Currently the recommended value is 120 Mpix, assuming you use 64-bit OS and 4+ GB RAM. You may still have it at the smaller, pre-2016, value of 40 Mpix, since we preserve the settings when updating; while 40 Mpix setting is not sufficient for recent high pixel count sensors.

Download links

Windows (XP - 10)

Mac OS X

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