RawDigger 1.3 (beta)

What's new:

In the time since RawDigger 1.2 was released, a certain number of requests from our users has piled up, which we have now fulfilled.

This has caused changes in the menu, Preferences, and user interface; thus, the increase in the sub-version number from 1.2 to 1.3.

RawDigger 1.3. Beta


  • Sample coordinates can now be saved and restored
  • to save sample coordinates, press the 'Save samples' button in the Samples dialog (number 1 on the picture below), then choose the 'Coordinates only' option (number 2 on the picture below) and press the 'Save' button (number 3 on the picture below) in the Save dialog. By default, the file will have an .rds extension.
RawDigger 1.3. Save Samples Coordinates
  • to load samples, press 'Load' in the Samples dialog (number 1 on the picture below); the next dialog presents the option to clear the existing samples before loading (number 1a on the picture below) if they exist and hadn't been removed earlier.
RawDigger 1.3. Load Samples Coordinates
  • Brighten section at the bottom bar of the main screen (as shown on the picture below - checkbox (1), entry field (2), Apply button (3)) - available for RGB render mode only.
  • When the checkbox is enabled, it gives one access to the entry field that controls the increase in brightness entry field and the Apply button, to apply the changes.
RawDigger 1.3. Brighten
  • The brightness is increased via a gamma change, highlights are not clipped.
RawDigger 1.3. Brighten for casual inspection

Brighten can be used for casual shadow inspection

RawDigger 1.3. Brighten for simplification of samples' placement

Brighten can be used to simplify sample placement, making borders more visible

RawDigger 1.3. Brighten for deep sensor research

Brighten can be used for deep sensor research

  • Preferences - Display Options - Allow autoexposure to clip % (highlights)
  • This new setting controls the relative amount of pixels that can be clipped when autoexposure is applied, and thus it controls the amount of lightening applied through autoexposure.
RawDigger 1.3. Automatic Exposure Correction

Automatic Exposure Correction

  • After this, Brighten can still be applied
RawDigger 1.3. Original vs Automatic Exposure Correction and Brighten applied

Original vs both Automatic Exposure Correction and Brighten applied

  • Preferences - Display Options - RGB rendering color space,
  • For this new setting, the choices are: sRGB (default), Adobe RGB, Wide Gamut RGB, ProPhoto RGB.
  • RawDigger doesn't use color management, the output to the screen is direct; the user of a monitor that is set to emulate Adobe RGB or, more generally, wide gamut monitors may benefit from selecting Adobe RGB here; other options may become useful if you want to display less saturated colors.
  • Preferences - Misc Options - Minimize subwindows together with main window
  • If this new setting is enabled, minimizing the main program window will also cause minimization of Histogram, Samples, and EXIF windows.
  • Restoring the main window will also cause those child windows to be restored too.
  • (Windows and Mac OS X/macOS 10.9+) An option to switch to full screen mode has been added, Menu - View - Fullscreen or F11
  • Buttons to minimize / maximize the Histogram and Samples windows are added.

Camera support added

  • Fujifilm GFX100 (uncompressed files only)
  • Olympus TG-6

Other Changes

  • Fixed inconsistency in Use Linear Curve option:
  • it is decoupled from 'Use RawSpeed Library' option
  • if 'Use Linear Curve' is enabled, RawSpeed isn't used
  • if 'Use RawSpeed Library' is enabled, the option to change the curve (in the bottom line of the main screen) is blocked.
  • Some of the settings have been moved from 'Misc Options' to 'File Handling' section of Preferences.
  • Exiftool updated to version 11.48

Download links

User manual

Windows (XP - 10)

Mac OS X

Beta version changelog

  • Build 612: bug fixed: CSV data was appended to CGATS exportBuild 611: first public 1.3-beta

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