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If that were added it would

If that were added it would be perfect!

Also, thank you for entertaining my long questions.



it is very hard to break down nonlinearity due to wrong black level and non-linearity due to non-linearity in optical path (flare, etc). So you need correct black level before any other steps. One method to get it is completely black shot (lens caps on).

Yes, this is how I do all my

Yes, this is how I do all my dark frames and black level calibration. Except sometimes there is leak still, so I take the lens off and just use the mount cap.

Feature request to show L*a*b

Thanks for RawDigger which I use for just a week now to analyse my raw photos.
I made a series of shots to calibrate my camera spot meter. For evaluation I prepared a graph with the "lightness" (from L*a*b) over EV. For that I need to go to Photoshop but I think this would be a valuable feature for the statistics in RawDigger. Either additionally to the RGBG2 of the selection or selectable in a dropdown.

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

RGB to Lab conversion depends on the colorimetric RGB colour space. Raw files don't have one, so conversion to Lab becomes ambiguous.

Feature request to show L*a*b --> comment

Thank you for explaining that to me. You see that I have to learn much more.
What I understand now, the "lightness" of a series of raw-shots would be simply the change in EV from shot to shot. Or I can use e.g. the selection of field N5 from the ColorChecker and take the average of the green channel from shot to shot for comparison.

RawDigger Full-Screen request

FRV can be used full-screen, but not RawDigger.
The use case when I'd like full-screen is running RawDigger on a small tablet/laptop in the field (possibly in conjunction with remote software such as DslrDashboard).


Allow minimisation/maximisation of Histogram window (& others)

Allow minimisation/maximisation of Histogram window (& others)

Hello again.

At least on Win10, the Histogram Window (also EXIF & Sample windows) don't have minimise/maximise controls.

Using RawDigger on a physically small screen, the ability to maximise (and minimise) the histogram would be nice.


Yes, min/max controls are

Yes, min/max controls are disabled explicitly for these windows. In next intermediate update (1.3.0) we'll provide some customization for it (minimize/maximise all windows if main window maximized/minimized; separate controls on each window). Thank you for pointed to the problem.


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