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Processing->Linear Raw Curve with Nikon D5300 14bit NEF

Processing->Linear Raw Curve with Nikon D5300 14bit NEF

Hello again.

This is on up-to-date Win10, with RawDigger 1.2.26 build 599 (x64).

I'm seeing surprising (to me) behaviour with Nikon D5300 14-bit NEFs, with Processing->Linear Raw Curve checked (enabled).

The NEF compression tables for 14-bit amplitude-compressed D5300 NEFs are 1-to-1 below 450DN.

The displayed histogram, for an image with deep shadows, shows no gaps.

Before you say "That's what it's supposed to do!", I'd like to point out that thanks to Nikon's funky data processing in the D5300, only even numbers are generated in the stored D5300 RAW data. RawDigger seems to eliminate the gaps in the data below 450DN, even though these gaps are not represented in the Raw curve stored in the NEF, and optionally saved by RawDigger (accurately) in .csv format.

So, if Processing->Linear Raw Curve is enabled for a Nikon D5300 14bit NEF, the exported .csv Raw curve, and exported .csv histogram data don't correspond to each other.

Perhaps this affects other Nikon cameras.

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

Raw Curve is applied before black subtraction.  RawDigger default setting is to do black subtraction, so zero level in histogram corresponds to black level. When Linear Raw Curve is on, black level is not adusted.

So, it is better to turn black subtraction off when comparing histograms/data with and without linear curve.


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