RawDigger Editions

  RawDigger Exposure Edition RawDigger Research Edition RawDigger Profile Edition

User Groups and suggested usage

General photography: exposure evaluation, exposure meter calibration, verification of the light evenness (brightness and white balance consistancy) Camera and RAW data analysis (evaluating cameras, preparing camera reviews, programming RAW data processing) Creating calibration, linearisation tables; preparing data for color profiling  
Reads all supported RAW formats
Display of RAW data in all modes (RGB, RAW Composite, and RAW per channel)
Display of Over- and Under-exposed areas

Display of the histogram and statistics for the entire file   
Statistics and histogram for one selected area
TIFF export  
Multiple selected areas (samples and table of sampled data): statistics, histogram, and export to CSV and CGATS formats   
Filtering  of the data to be exported: white balance, normalisation, equalisation (Flat Field), filtering of outlying values.      
Selection grids (for fast processing of color targets and step wedges)      

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