Starting RawDigger


To start RawDigger double-click its icon on the Desktop, or use Windows Start menu

If the program is started from command line the first argument is interpreted as a name of the raw file to open. Consequently, if an icon of a raw file is dragged upon the RawDigger program icon the program will start and open this raw file.

If single instance mode is in effect (see Preferences below) and RawDigger is already running starting a new RawDigger process with a file name to open as a command line parameter will cause the file to be opened by the already running instance.
To open a new RawDigger instance start RawDigger with newinstance parameter, like
RawDigger newinstance filename

This will cause the new window to open even while in single instance mode.

Mac OS X

To install RawDigger drag the icon to Applications folder.

To start RawDigger double-click its icon or drag a raw file icon onto the RawDigger icon.