RawDigger 0.9.11


  • Program work has become faster:
    • Processing of parameter changes (Data Processing) has been optimized:
      • the file is reopened only if Linear Raw Curve or ARW2 Hack are changed and only if changes in these settings are significant for the current open file.
      • when Black Level settings are changed, no re-reading of RAW file takes place.
    • Multithreaded RGB rendering (for dual-core and multicore CPUs),program speed increases up to sixfold on quad-core CPU with HyperThreading switched on
    • Multithread subtraction of black level.
    • Accelerated calculation of image statistics.
  • Work with Clipboard:
    • the EXIF data can be copied to Clipboard
    • the selected rows from the Samples table can be copied to Clipboard
  • Bug fixes:
    • When Autoscale was set to On and the black level exceeded the maximum value in the image, the program crashed in an attempt to show the raw image.
    • When Reset Black Level on File load was set to On, indication of black level on the button in the program status bar did not change when the next file was opened.
    • The Cancel button in the file opening progress dialog did not function.
  • Cosmetic changes:
    • Image size limit at which RGB rendering is switched off is set by the user. The standard values are 90Mpix for 64-bit systems and 30Mpix for 32-bit ones.
    • Histogram: vertical lines corresponding to fractional values are also drawn to the right of the rightmost integer value; the fractional lines are not drawn outside the histogram field.
    • When the black level is set automatically, the set level is indicated on the black level setting button in the bottom status line.


DNG problem

Images do not display correctly if they are DNG with fast load enabled.

Why does this program need to

Why does this program need to connect to the internet?
What business does any application that works with photographs have in connecting to the internet?
The answer: none.
Downloaded, installed and uninstalled in quick order.
I'm allergic to and distrust any application that wants to "phone home" or do anything on the internet when quite clearly it has no need to do any such thing.

It checks for updates over

It checks for updates over internet. So your "answer" is not quite right :)

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Canon 5D Mark 3

Canon 5D Mark 3 raw files load with extreme red color cast. After converting to DNG in Lightroom (RC 4.1) they come into Rawdigger with reasonable color but bad banding.

RawDigger cannot set correct

RawDigger cannot set correct Black Level for 5Dmk3 files (b/c camera is not 'supported' now).

You can use manual BL settings (2048 or so)

Thanks for the comment and

Thanks for the comment and the tip on setting manual BL.That does fix the red color cast issue. I am new to this software.

I was trying to check headroom on the camera vs. the in-camera histogram, but it appears I will have to wait until the camera is supported. By manually setting BL to 2048 on each of 3 exposures (-2/3,0,+2/3) of the same scene there is no correlation of the highest green value with the exposure setting.

 To determine headroom one

 To determine headroom one first needs to determine channel maximums. Have you made a grossly overexposed shot of the light source or sky to set the maximum? I shoot sky without a lens mounted on the camera.

> By manually setting BL to 2048 on each of 3 exposures (-2/3,0,+2/3) of the same scene there is no correlation of the highest green value with the exposure setting

The issue you are experiencing should not be in any way connected to camera support. If those shots contain overexposed areas you may select some portions that are not blown out. One of the easiest ways to get a uniform grey frame is to shoot a central portion of screen monitor filled with grey, in a dark room to avoid reflections and flare, using a short telephoto lens, fully defocused and stopped down couple of stops (avoiding vinghetting), and a slow shutter speed like 1/5 or 1/6 of a second (avoiding issues with monitor refresh time).

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Manual BL vs. BL from Supported Camera

Hi Iliah,

Thank you for your reply.

Through the help of private email with Alex of your company, I have now calibrated my 5D3 meter. However, I would think that if/when the 5D3 is supported by RawDigger, I could then compare a scene's highlight readings at the three different exposures against the channel maximums (which I have now measured) to see how far each is from the maximum, whereas you indicate this is not possible with manually setting BL to 2048. In that sense isn't the issue connected with camera support, or do I misunderstand?

Best regards,
Brad Smith

Setting black level to 2048

Setting black level to 2048 has exactly the same effect as having 5D3 "supported".

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Ah, my mistake--I was reading

Ah, my mistake--I was reading the wrong data set from the program. After making a selection in the sky common to the 3 images, I was able to see a nice progression of the average value of the G+G2 readings in the selection in proper ratio of 2/3 EV going from darkest to brightest exposure. Also, and this is what I was trying to see from the beginning, the +2/3 EV exposure in the selected region was still about 0.4 EV below the green saturation levels from my calibration test. So, the program is working exactly as I expected and providing the data I was hoping for--very nice!

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