RawDigger 0.9.14


New functionality and major improvements

  • The list of recently opened files is moved to a separate sub-menu and now has slots for 25 files.
  • Added convenience for processing color targets for profiling and field (non-)uniformity analysis (Selection Grid).
  • Added an option to filter out bad pixels in raw files produced by Panasonic cameras.
  • Changed the display of metadata in raw files:
    • Added: display of type of metering, exposure compensation, lens used, focal distance.
    • Deleted: display of black level and Bayer Matrix.

New camera supported

  • Canon: G15, S110, SX50, 6D, EOS M
  • Casio: EX-ZR100
  • Fujifilm: F800EXR, XF1, X-E1
  • Leica: D-LUX6, V-LUX4
  • Nikon: 1 J2, 1 V2, D600, P7700
  • Olympus: E-PL5, E-PM2, XZ-2
  • Panasonic: FZ200, GH3, LX7, G5
  • Pentax: K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-30, Q10
  • Samsung: EX2F
  • Sony: SLT-A99, NEX-5R, NEX-6, RX-1

Bugs fixed:

  • The values like 1200 and 1500 on the vertical axis of the histogram are displayed as 1.2k and 1.5k instead of 1k.
  • While displaying the exposure times greater than 1 second the exposure time value is rounded to the tenth of the second (instead of the integral number of the seconds as it was in the previous).
  • While saving the histogram parameters the EV range is now saved correctly.
  • Histogram elements do not jitter when arrow keys are pressed.
  • Ctrl+LeftArrow and Ctrl+RightArrow are enabled in all program windows.
  • Next File and Prev File work normally if the program receives a file name with an invalid register (for example this can happen when using command line).
  • If Sample or Selection is deleted the respective information field is cleared.
  • Overexposure calculation algorithm is improved.

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