RawDigger 1.0.0 Released!

Licensing changes

RawDigger is Shareware now. You can use it free of charge during 30 days trial period. To continue using RawDigger after the end of the trial period please purchase the License.

RawDigger can be licensed as one of three Editions that differ in functionality and price:

  • Exposure Edition for everyday use: it displays RAW data in all modes (RGB, RAW Composite, and RAW per channel), indicates over- and underexposed areas, displays of RAW histogram, image statistics, statistics and histogram for selected area.
  • Research Edition is intended for camera/sensor evaluation (personal use and for preparing reviews, as well as to help with programming RAW data processing); it includes all the functionality of the Exposure Edition and adds TIFF export, multiple selected areas via Samples, tables of sampled data; statistics and histograms over multiple samples, exporting sampled data as CSV and CGATS.
  • Profile Edition helps to create sensor calibration data, linearization data, or device data for color profiling. It adds selection grids for faster processing of step wedges and color targets, as well as for calculating non-uniformity maps. Profile Edition allows to apply white balance, normalization, equalization (Flat Field), and filtering of outlying values before data export.

See Compare Editions table for details.

Other changes

New Features

  • LibRaw updated:
    New cameras supported:
    • Leica C, X VARIO
    • Nikon D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
    • Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
    • Olympus STYLUS1
    • Pentax K-3
    • Sony RX10, A3000 (ILCE-3000)

    New color data for the following cameras:

    • Canon S120
    • Nikon P7800, 1 J3
    • Olympus E-M1

    Visible area size adjusted for the following cameras:

    • Canon G16
    • Sigma pre-Merrill: Low- and Medium-size RAW

  • Improved EXIF parsing:
    • Processing of non-standard Nikon ISO tag (numeric values for Lo and Hi ISO are indicated)
    • Nikon Black Level tag is deciphered and processed (currently Nikon D5300 only is using this tag)
  • Exiftool updated to 9.41
  • New RawDigger update mechanism:
    • check for updates is now independent from the display of the splash screen
    • improved the speed of the program start if internet connection is slow
    • Preferences-Misc Options-Check for updates controls the update check frequency (on each program start or once in 1-3-7-15-30 days).

GUI bugs fixed

  • EXIF window:
    • EXIF display button overlaps only with the last line of EXIF data and does not limit the width of the table.
    • EXIF window stays coherent when the window is stretched.
  • Mac GUI:
    • Retina support: improved rendition on HiDPI displays; Retina "look" are supported in all views except the histogram, where a low resolution bitmap is used.
    • Mac OS X 10.8+: the "look" is improved due to font substitution used on program start. The bug with the "reduce" button style is fixed.


Licensing terms

Hell Axel,

how long is a purchased license valid - only for Release 1 or one free upgrade to 1.1 or... ?
Can one upgrade from one edition to the next?

kind regards

Minor upgrades (1.0-1.x) are

Minor upgrades (1.0-1.x) are free forever.

Major upgrades: free for limited time from purchase (we're discussing exact terms now internally, please wait day or two), and discounted  (40%) after that.

Edition upgrades are also possible (in manual mode for now).

We've set our upgrade policy:

We've set our upgrade policy:

1) Minor upgrades are free forever.
2) Major upgrades: free for 0-6-12 months after the purchase (Exposure-Research-Profile editions). 40% discount after that period.
3) Upgrade from lesser Edition is possible, we will ask you to pay the delta + $4 processing fee. Currently this needs to be done manually. The user de-activates the key on his computer, we invalidate the key in our database and e-mail the user the discount coupon. We suggest to use the trial to determine the Edition you need and to avoid extra expenses


Ha, I thought I already bought RawDigger during the special offer time. Now I notice that I did not. Lucky you! ;)

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