RawDigger 1.0.2


  • To allow users to activate RawDigger in both trial and fully licensed modes without direct Internet access, manual activation mode is added.
  • Camera support: Nikon Df color data were copied to D4 (the Df device data is better, and the CFAs are practically identical).
  • Bug fix: There used to be a possibility of the program crashing while opening new files in a very rapid succession because the new file was opened before exiftool was finished processing the previous one.
  • Exiftool is updated to version 9.44

Download update from this page: www.rawdigger.com/download


Batch processing

Please add a way to do batch processing. RawDigger is the only tool that produces good results for full spectrum Sigma DP1 Merrill but I am doing time lapse with hundreds of frames. I know there are command line tools for this but why not have it as an option?

Thank you for your suggestion

Thank you for your suggestion.
We have it in our todo list, but not as a topmost priority.

What is the staus of this

What is the staus of this request? We are working together with a University and they would like to know if there is a way to convert approx 1000 NEF files per day to TIFF RGBG2 format . This to be able to do further image processing. A NEF reader for Matlab would be ideal for them. but a batch import export would also work.

If you need *only* batch

If you need *only* batch conversion from NEF to (unprocessed) TIFF, you may use dcraw in document mode.

The resulting TIFF/PPM files will not contain bayer pattern info, but if your files are from same source, the bayer pattern will be same for all files.

batch workaround

I use Auto Hot Key to make a script that presses the right keys to batch process the images from raw to tiff, then use Adobe Camer Raw through Adobe Bridge to do batch changes to the tiffs. I of course use 16 bit tiffs. Then I use ACR to save them as compressed DNG files so they are small and manageable with all adjustment built in.
When using RawDigger I have to set the paramaters for saving the file on the first one then use this script on AutoHotKey for the rest, changing the number on the for loop to the total number of images to be converted:
For $i = 1 to 353

Adjust the sleep numbers to match how long you have to wait between steps to save (the first 10000 sleep) and loading the next image (the second 10000 sleep). The sleep 5000 lets me switch to RawDigger after loading the script.
Make sure you have lots of free space because the pile of resulting files will be huge.

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