RawDigger 1.0.3


  • New setting
    Preferences - Overexposure detection - Auto - Auto OE Offset
    This setting allows to offset the automatically detected value of overexposure. It can be set in the range of -8 to +1 EV. Can be used to determine which areas of the raw data will be blown out if the exposure is increased (negative OE Offset values correspond to exposure increase!). If Underexposure Detection is set to 'Offset from Saturation' OE Offset shifts the underexposure detection margin accordingly, allowing to predict the underexposed areas for the new exposure setting.
    See our new article Exposure for RAW vs. Exposure for JPEG which describes how to use this feature for fast and accurate simulations of exposure adjustments.
  • New setting
    Preferences - Data Processing - Sony ARW2 processing options
    Applies only to processing of Sony cRAW format Settings:
    • None (standard processing) - standard processing
    • Only base pixels - In each 16-byte block, only pixels that have exact values are unpacked. The values of other pixels are set to zero.
    • Only delta pixels - In each 16-byte block, only the pixels that are coded as deltas from the minimum value in the block are unpacked. The base value (minimum in the block) is added to the result.
    • Delta pixels relative to zero - same as above but the base value is not added. This mode helps to locate compression artifacts.
  • New setting
    Preferences - Overexposure detection - Auto - Sensitivity - Full Well limited camera
    Turns on the new method to detect OE, useful for the cases where the output is limited not by ADC but by the full well (or close to full well). The method locates the "fuzzy hump" in highlights which is specific for full-well limited raw data processing. Some cameras at certain ISO settings (base ISO or lower than base ISO) exhibit this type of behavior (one of the examples is Panasonic GX7 at ISO 125 setting)
  • Setting deleted: Sony ARW2 Hack.
  • Exiftool updated to 9.49
  • LibRaw updated, new cameras added:
    cellular phones: Alcatel 5035D, Nokia 1600x1200, DJI 4438x3288, Matrix 4608x3288
    Canon PowerShot A3300 IS (CHDK hack)
    Fujifilm F900EXR and X-T1
    Leica X2
    Nikon D3300 (preliminary support, no data to compute color transform for RGB rendering yet)
    Olympus E-PL6 and E-M10
    Panasonic FZ7,FX70 and TZ60/61
    PhaseOne IQ250
    Sony ILCE-5000 (preliminary support, no data to compute color transform for RGB rendering yet)

Bugs fixed

  • In one rare case the histogram maximum was calculated incorrectly.

Download RawDigger update from this page: www.rawdigger.com/download

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