RawDigger 1.2.25 Release

What's new:

RawDigger 1.2.25

Camera support added

  • Canon 2000D, 4000D
  • Gitup G3 duo
  • Fujifilm GFX 50R, X-T3, XF10, DBP680
  • Leaf older RGB 16-bit "raw" TIFF format (Volare, DCB)
  • Leica M10-P, M10-D
  • Nikon P1000, D3500 (preliminary support), Z6 (preliminary support), Z7
  • Pentax K-1 Mark II
  • Panasonic LX100-II
  • Sony RX100M6, A7-III, HX99 (preliminary support)

Other Updates

  • Exiftool updated to version 11.14
  • Raw data size limit in Preferences - Display options
  • Better handling of filenames passed in non-local character set
  • Samples green squares was not redrawn on Next/Prev file open in some cases.
  • Nikon compressed files: it is now possible to dump RAW curve and use Linear Raw Curve option
  • New option: Misc Options - If next file load fails, move current filename pointer forward (so, next Ctrl-arrow will move beyond failed file).

Download links

Windows (XP - 10)

Mac OS X


Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:
Yes, exiftool reads
[MakerNotes] 0x0000 RawImageWidth: 250
[MakerNotes] 0x0004 RawImageHeight: 20

RawDigger displays the image correctly.

Raw support for Fujifilm DBP for GX680

I am so glad you added support for Fujifilm DBP for GX680 in 1.2.25 Beta. However the height and length of the image is not displayed correctly. The LibRaw-snapshot-20180509-Win64 you sent me did it right.



Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

RawDigger is targeted for RAW data inspection of various kinds. So, It needs to display raw image in native pixel dimensions. This is *primary* display even if RGB Render is selected.

Some cameras (including DBP 680) do not have exact match between sensor pixel and rgb render pixels. For example, cameras with 'non-square' pixels, so resulting RGB image should be expanded in some direction.

For such cameras RawDigger does not display RGB renedering, because it is not possible if image size preserved on screen.

FastRawViewer (1.4.10 beta) is able to display DBP 680 RGB rendering.

FastRawViewer displays the

FastRawViewer displays the image flawless, unfortunately it can not export the displayed image from RAW file.

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