RawDigger 1.4.8 Release

Camera/RAW format support

  • Nikon NEFX (Zf/Z8 Pixel-Shift shot merged via NX Studio)

Camera support

  • Canon EOS R100
  • DJI Air 3
  • Fujifilm GFX100-II, X100VI
  • GoPro HERO12
  • Hasselblad CFV-100c, CFV-50c
  • Nikon Z f (standard/lossless compression only)
  • Olympus TG-7, OM-1 Mark II (standard resolution/12-bit files only)
  • Panasonic DC-ZS200D / ZS220D, DC-TZ200D / TZ202D / TZ220D, DC-G9 Mark II
  • Pentax K III Monochrome, KF
  • Sony A7C-II, A7CR, ILX-LR1, A9-III


  • DNG 1.7 support, incl JpegXL compression (not available in Windows/32bit and Mac/Legacy versions)
  • Better handling of DNG RAW previews with Stage2 opcodes
  • Better handling of PhaseOne compressed files
  • Exiftool updated to version 12.68
RawDigger 1.4.8

Downloads are avalable at this site download page.


Nikon zf question

Hello! What does “standard/lossless compression only” mean when it comes to the Nikon Zf? Is there a specific setting in the camera to switch to that version of raw?

Panasonic DC-G9 Mark II high res?

Does "Camera Support" for the Panasonic DC-G9 Mark II include decoding RAW files in this camera's HR and HHHR bit-shift modes?

TIA :)

Yes, it works with all G9-II

Yes, it works with all G9-II high-res samples we have in our sample set.

If you have any problems with format mentioned please share sample file(s) with us

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