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a99 support?


I was using rawdigger to look at my a99 raw files. The 0.9.12 version displayed all histograms with 4000 levels and the 0.9.13 version now displays all histograms with 16300 levels, even the 12 bit raw files!

Am I missing a point here or is the a99 not fully supported yet?


The A99 is 'partially'

The A99 is 'partially' supported: no automatic black level calculation, while raw data is decoded OK.

The difference is in 'ARW2 Hack' setting (scaling/not scaling data from Sony cameras to 0-16383 range):

  - in 0.9.12 this setting is default to 'Off'

  - in 0.9.13 defaults is to use RawSpeed library for faster decoding. This setting implies ARW2 Hack to On.

Minimum values for RW2 files

I have been using RawDigger for some time. There is a minor 'feature' which niggles me a little and I have eventually got round to reporting it. I have Panasonic GH2 which produces compressed .RW2 files. The RW2 compression mechanism contains a method to indicate the location of stuck pixels. For some of these pixels, in DCRaw the function panasonic_load_raw() puts a zero value into the image array BAYER(row,col). These zero values are interpolated away later in DCRaw, but I guess you are intercepting the image data before that.
So, when you report min/max pixel values, for my camera there are three colour channels where min is always zero. This negates the usefulness of the min value feature somewhat.
It would be nice if you could modify RawDigger to ignore these zero values and report the minimum non-zero values (at least for .RW2 files - other file formats may well have valid zero values). Perhaps you could use the black level as a lower limit for computing min values to make the code generic?


Thank you for suggestion (and

Thank you for suggestion (and sorry for delayed answer).

Added to 'TODO' list, expect this feature in next RawDigger version

internet connectivity severely affects usefulness

I kind of understand your idea of requiring an internet connection to search for updates during beta. However, analyzing RAW would be such an immensely useful feature in the field while you can still adjust your exposure settings. Finding out you mis-exposed when you get back from a shooting is a lot less useful. Couldn't you make that a selectable setting so we can put the tool on a laptop and use it to fix exposure when we need to?

Thanks for your opinion, we

Thanks for your opinion, we'll consider removing of forced updates check in next version, ever in beta-cycle.

For now, you may disable Internet requirement for the next run using supplied .ref/.sh file (for Windows/Mac respectively).


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