EV0 level


Your manual mentions that Ev0 in the Histogram defaults to -3 stops below FS. This is about 12.5% of FS. Why this choice? Was it based on a standard metering constant i.e. K=12.5 and the setting point for ISO100, or was it based on a typical amount of clipping headroom?

Since 18% of FS is more common, perhaps an option to change the EV0 default to -2.5 stops below FS should be added.


This is 'good enough'

This is 'good enough' approximation.

EV0 should be set to value(s) corresponding to lightmeter calibration on specific camera. This value is different on different cameras, different color chanels and different light conditions. So you need to calibrate your camera metering and set EV0 manually according to calibration in this light conditions.

On most cameras headroom (e.g. distance between meter calibration point and saturation level) is about 2.7-3.4EV for green channel and daylight. So, 3.0EV is in the middle of this range.

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