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export to TIFF hang

Thanks for the new feature on Rawdigger export.

In my Win7 @64 Home Premium, after click the export to TIFF menu, a new window popped up and will stay in that (blank) window forever. Main rawdigger window showed Program not Responding.
Task manager showed Msmpeng (Microsoft's AV-AM program) kicked in and stay at 50% CPU. It looks like MS Security Center does not an activity the Export to TIFF is doing.



Do you use 'add EXIF tags'

Do you use 'add EXIF tags' setting? Try to disable it, it runs external exiftool program. May be MS AV disables exiftool execution?

export to TIFF


Background: CR2 image came from Canon T4i.
(I did not see any "add TIFF" tag ...)

When I clicked the "export to TIFF", immediately a new pop-up window showed up. At that time, that window has nothing in it (blank window) and I saw from Task Manager window, Msaveng kicks in into high gear and consume 50% CPU.

BTW, when I independently select "EXIF" button during regular operation, a separate EXIF window popped up and showed the EXIF info. I.e., there is no problem to invoke external program from within the main window.



OK. It looks like file save

OK. It looks like file save dialog window cannot start (it should look as shown in docs: http://www.rawdigger.com/usermanual/data-export )

Do you have some timed-out network shares or so? This window will try to show your 'places' in left column, if some of them are unavailable, then timeout may occur.

P.S. Sorry, but my 2-week vacations will start in 2 hours. I'll be able to continue our intaraction after Aug 04.

"File open" timeout


Indeed it is confirmed that it's a loooooong timeout.
After a 20+ minute wait, eventually the dialog box returns showing all:
My computer has named drives:
read-only type: CDROM, DVD-drive, pseudo DVD ROM (for mounting ISO),
multi-slot USB memory card readers (few drives, no memory card inserted),
few network drive (SMB), and
just one real hard drive (the lovely C: using Seagate hard disk).

Bottom-line: R/W local drive should be chosen (for Open for Write) and the rest really should not even be inventoried.


It looks like loong timeout

It looks like loong timeout when listing drives in left column because one (or many) of your drives are do not work really.

we'll rework save dialog to not show the left column in next version. BTW, you're the only one know sufferer, it looks like something is wrong on your system.

now a little bit better


With the new test code, the wait time is significantly reduced (several of my C: folders are full of files so I understand) but not eliminated. Given my PC's configuration, I'd say I'll live with it. Somehow I don't get it is most of programs with Windows Explorer style interface will not have long wait time, while rawdigger SaveAs I saw my hard drive's access light continuous blinking for a long period. I wonder why :) .


Unfortunately, I've few

Unfortunately, I've few option to choose. I use Qt library, so the only way I can change SaveAs behaviour is to provide own list of folders in left column of dialog.

So, new RawDigger will allow you to choose between 'last used' list, predefined URLs list and only home dir. Thank you for your testing, for now we know the source of problem.

May be upgrade to new Qt (4.8.5 released about month ago will help)

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