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opening fuji raf files

I found something curious with fuji raf files. This is the raw format that fuji makes and under certain camera settings in the x10 (and XS-1), the file consists of two offset 6 megapixel images that differ by 1 EV. The idea is that the camera recombines them to generate an expanded dynamic range.
When images are taken from the x10 (and possibly the xs-1 their new super zoom which uses the same sensor) they are usually 19 MB. There is a special case when then the dynamic range setting is set to 100% and the iso is greater than 100 , then the camera generates 10 MB files.

When I open a 19 mb image with rawdigger, it shows the rgbg image. the frame counter at the bottom i assume is to show the two different 6 megapixel captures. When i flip between them, i do not see an ev difference. please explain how the frames are derived.

also, when i zoom in i cannot see the bayer array. why?

also, how how can i export a single frame?

also, did the forums here recently suffer a contraction?

The diffference depend of cam

The diffference depend of camera DR settings. For example, for DR400% the difference between two sub-frames is about 2.0EV

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