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Hello, i try to follow this how to :
with measurement in the opticaly blind part of the image for the GH4, but this part of the image with the panasonic GH4 this part of the image is not working ? I make a mistake.
you can find the files here :
Thank you

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

Do you have "Masked Pixels" checked in Preferences -> Display Options?

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Iliah Borg

for Panasonic cameras the

for Panasonic cameras the masked area (on right of frame) do not contains 'black signal', but something else (with values higher than image area).

Here RawDigger screenshot with masked pixels on and Raw Composite display, you can easily see random 'noise' at right side (use right click and 'view image' to see full size)

So, to determine signal/noise ratio you need to shot separate black frame image with same shutter/aperture and cap on lens.

Use normal processing.All

Use normal processing.

All special modes are usable if you want to separate 'base' and 'delta' pixels for some reason

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