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I'm totally new to RawDigger.
At first glance there is something I do not understand. When I open a [untreaded] file in LightRoom 6 and FastRawViewer the colours roughly matches on screen.
But opening the same file in RawDigger the colours are way off. And the statics in RawDigger don't match with those in RawViewer.

Can someone explain to me this, beginners, question?

With regards, Martin

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

1st: RawDigger is not targeted to get exact (or even good) color  matching. RawDigger primary goal is to get access to unaltered (source) RAW data, RGB rendering display is provided only to not confuse users with 'RAW composite' unusual (greenish) look.

However, RawDigger should be 'more or less close' to FastRawViewer with these RawDigger preferences settings:

A. White balance:  As shot (RawDigger's default is 'Daylight')

B. Camera color profile: built-in (this is the default)

C. Automatic exposure correction for RGB render: Off  (to match brightness with FRV you also may need to turn off 'Adobe hidden exposure correction'  in FastRawViewer preferences)

RawDigger is not color managed and RGB rendering is always sRGB, so if you use wide gamut display, RawDigger displayed colors will be oversaturated.

So the date actually sent to

So the date actually sent to the video card happens through a combination of :

a) White Balance "adjustment" ("Daylight", "As shot") -- this is taking place in linear space, all the pixels are multiplied or divided (I don't know the exact processing) by the image "white point"? Much like using the White Point picker in Photoshop?

b) Camera color profile : for most cameras there are NO color profile in RAW, so, my understanding is that, once the data has been "White Balanced", it is sent to the video card without any further processing

c) I don't get the role of the Automatic exposure correction for RGB render

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