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In the preferences section of Rawdigger for display options includes a Camera Profile section. Options include Built In and Embedded in Raw. I am processing NEFs from a Nikon D850. Does the NEF contain a built in profile, and if so, what does it contain? Merely sRGB or Adobe RGB or a more extensive entry containing matrix coefficients and other data?

I understand that Rawdigger does not process and ignores the Nikon Picture control settings.


Bill Janes

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

Nikon NEFs don't have built-in profiles for raw data, sorry.

According to my understanding

According to my understanding, (I have a D810) Nikon NEFs do not have "embedded profiles in RAW".
According to my understanding also, "Built-in" does not mean that RawDigger uses some color profile *internally*.
According to my understanding also, RawDigger output pixels values to the screen *directly* (14bit -> 8bit).
Albeit there must be some kind of "mapping" mechanism to go from "Raw composite" to our choice of "RGB rendering color space".
I have a question of my own on this subject as this is still not clear to me...

'Built-in' profile is exactly

'Built-in' profile is exactly 'RawDigger internal color data for this camera'

Built-in (or 'embedded in raw' if present) color profile is used on RGB Rendering (after White balance/demosaic), it is not used in Raw composite mode.

After "further reading" the

After "further reading" the User Forum, it appears the question of "how" RD manages RAW data on its way to the screen is a common user question.

I was under the impression that RD does not use a "color profile" of any kind, "Built-in" does not mean "color profile" but this posts is making me think twice :

1) RGB rendering in RawDigger is *very* simple:
a) White balance is applied (one of three: 'as shot', daylight, or automatic)
b) Brightness is automatically corrected in 'ETTR-style': brightness increased until 1% of pixels are saturated.
c) Image converted to sRGB using built-in color profile.
d) gamma correction with gamma 2.2 applied

For many (but not all) cameras, RawDigger built-in profile is very similar to Adobe products color profile.

So there are such thing as a RD "own" color profile of some kind, tuned to each camera?

RawDigger (with default

RawDigger (with default settings) uses camera color data to convert from 'camera (sensor) color space' into RAW processing color space.

RawDigger has builtin (internal) color profile for most supported cameras (exclusion: Smartfones/Drones with DNG recording format; fot such cameras RawDigger may not have built-in color data, but read it from DNG).

To turn off  Camera-to-working-RGB conversion, select 'No profile (raw color)' in Preferences - Display Options - Camera color profile  setting.

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