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FastRawViewer & Rawdigger

Just wanted to share my appreciation for your more than awesome applications. This is exactly what I have been missing. Both in terms of fast, large (pre)viewing and in terms of fast digging into what's really there. I mean, I never knew with confidence if my RAW convertor was making intelligent guesses, dumb guesses or didn't have to guess at all for my ETTR shots. I love shooting in RAW, but I always missed the transparency and the ability to watch those unconverted RAWs with a bit of quality. I rarely ever buy software, but this is such a relief after so many years of having to do with this major downside of shooting RAW.

So, a big thank you. Hope you are able to live from these little gems...

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

You are most kind, thank you for your appreciation. It's always nice to receive positive feedback.

Portrait orientation error


All my shots with a portrait orientation open in RawDigger in a landscape orientation. They open in FastRawViewer and other apps as normal, but in RawDigger they can only be viewed in landscape. Is there any easy solution I'm overlooking?

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

RawDigger doesn't rotate raw data to keep pixel addressing consistently sensor-related. Such consistency is imporant when obtaining statistical data from several shots.

Camera ProFiles

Dear Sur ,

You Thought of Having it Load Adobe Camera Profiles ?

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

RawDigger is meant to be a raw analysis tool.

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