On the definition of EVO - Part 3


In this experiment, I took at picture of an old photographic Kodak Gray Scale target with my Nikon D810.
I metered the exposure manually on patch M, which is closest to an 18% reflectance middle gray.

Here is RawDigger main window (with the cursor sitting on the M patch) :

And here is the Histogram window from a Selection of just the gray scale :

As can be seen, in this case, RawDigger did not use the Red channel value (about 794) to use for EV0.

On the definition of EVO - Part 3

I noticed that, on the Histogram, under the Show EV Grid and Auto checkboxes, there is an text box showing "EV0: 2048".
A quick look down the graph, shows that, indeed, EV0 is pegged at "2048".

In my previous example ("Part 2"), EV0 was pegged at "512".
I guess I have to read up on this important feature...

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