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My question is about "rendering".

I have two images (DSC_1564.NEF and DSC_1565.NEF) obtained using two with different exposures on the camera., as shown by the two histograms:

Yet, when I view the two images, both in RawDigger and in the exported TIFFs, in Photoshop, I have the impression that there isn't much of a difference between the two images? This is the link to the Photoshop file where I overlaid the two images on two layers in the same document (it's a 560 MB download -- sorry):

What especially puzzles me is the Gray Target : it's "rendered" about the same RGB values on both pictures.

How is that possible?

Dear Roger,

Dear Roger,

As it often happens, I really can't comment without looking at the raw files. Possibly your export settings include autoscaling. You can send the links to support@rawdigger.com if you don't want others to access the files.

Thank you!!! That's all I was

Thank you!!! That's all I was looking for, this "Autoscaling" feature.
I'll read up on it.
For sure, I knew there was some kind of "Curving" being applied somewhere, behind the scene, as the "Linear" data could not "loo" like the "Rendered data".
Thank you for making this process "explicit".

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