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Should I expect a visual difference between Exported TIFFs as viewed in Photoshop with embedded sRGB ICC profile and RawDigger "RGB Render" Display? I use RawDigger Preferences > Display options > REG rendering color space set to sRGB.

Photoshop is color managed,

Photoshop is color managed, RawDigger is not color managed.

So, to match RawDigger window colors w/ Photoshop,  Photoshop should be set to View - Proof Setup - Monitor RGB.


Thank you. It works as

Thank you. It works as suggested.
The alternate is to Assign Monitor Profile.
And then Convert to sRGB.

I guess the "closer" to sRGB my monitor is, the smaller the difference I should observe between Photoshop and RawDigger?

Actually, let me get this

Actually, let me get this straight.
IOW, as you say RawDigger is not color-managed, RGB is sent directly to the screen.
That does not mean that there is no color conversion between RawDigger "Buil-in" profile and my choice of Display Options > RGB Rendering Color Space? Suppose I select sRGB? Is there any conversion from RawDigger "Built-in" profile and sRGB? Even though the "sRGB pixels" are NOT further color-managed?

RawDigger is not color

RawDigger is not color managed, so there is no such thing as 'RawDigger Buit-in profile'.

RGB Rendering Color space

  1. defines destination color profile when converting from camera color space (to it)
  2. All other processing (automatic brightness correction; conversion from linear internal space to gamma-corrected output) is performed in that color space.

Out of gamut colors are clipped within this (rendeding space) gamut.

Allow me to follow up on

Allow me to follow up on these very important concepts.

You wrote : No such thing as 'RawDigger Built-in profile'.
Then, how should I explain the difference between the choices of Preferences > Display Options > RGB rendering color space?

Here is one RAW file being 'rendered as ProPhoto' : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkD78CVR1NBqlssqdwtcyLkK13RRyg?e=sPebM1
And the same being 'rendered as sRGB" : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkD78CVR1NBqlssrNQzLiwpYDMQn9g?e=LvfkC6

Isn't is the same underlying data?

User Guide says :

"RawDigger doesn't use color management, the output to screen is the direct one, the users of monitors set to emulate Adobe RGB or, more generally, wide gamut monitors may benefit from selecting Adobe RGB here; other options may turn useful if you want to display less saturated colors."

So, pixels are written to the screen *directly* ("the output to screen is the direct one").

In this context, if 'pixel values are sent directly the screen', what is it that accounts for the difference I see between the various choices of 'rendering color space'?

Please excuse my ignorance... I appreciate your patience and kind help.

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