Embedded Camera Profile


Q1. Is RawDigger able to show the "Embedded in RAW" camera color profile?

I suspect Nikon does NOT use a "native" camera profile?
But RawDigger Preference is leading me to believe that Nikon *may* indeed use an "Embedded profile" somewhere in the RAW data?

Q2. I compared Preferences > Display Options > Camera color profile set to A) Embedded in RAW and B) Built-in and I confess I don't see a difference on screen?

Q3. I can see a huge difference between A) Built-in and B) No profile (raw color).


A quick visit to the User Guide, on page 43 reveals the following :

Built-in – use color profile provided within RawDigger
• Embedded in RAW – use color profile embedded in RAW if present. If no such profile exists, RawDigger will fallback to 'Built-in' mode.


So, from the documentation, I have the impression that, even if I select "Embedded in RAW" camera color profile, *because* there are NONE to be found in the RAW file, in other words "no such profile exists", RawDigger is "falling back" on "Built-in" which is a RawDigger camera profile for my Nikon D810?

Is that correct?


Suggestion: I wish the fact that "no embedded in RAW camera profile were found" was a flag of some sort that would be visible somewhere in the main interface. Maybe the Display section could be shown as :

> Display (no embedded profile found)

or something like that? To avoid any possible misinterpretation.

As a RawDigger "service", the

As a RawDigger "service", the fact that the software would be able to clear any possible doubt in the mind of the user about whether a given camera *has* or does not *have* an embedded camera profile would be very useful. I expect to find out as much as possible about my camera RAW file from RawDigger.

As I was thinking about the possibility that my Nikon might *have* an embedded profile hidden somewhere in the RAW data , I searched the EXIF for this information... But it's not anywhere to be found.

Curious to know, which cameras *have* embedded profiles in RAW? High end, expensive cameras?

Most known metadata

Most known metadata (including embedded color profiles if present and known) is availavle via EXIF button (in fact, this is formatted exiftool output)

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