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I am one hundred percent satisfied with RawDigger and use it for all my images before I start working with LR/PS. I use it mainly to control my ETTR exposure. For better tonal differentiation on the bright tonal values, I use profiles I created myself in Lightroom with a linear tone curve. After further processing in Photoshop and saving as a tiff file, I would now like to take a closer look at the tonal values. The histogram in Photoshop is unsuitable with 0 - 255 tonal values. I would like to have a tiff display with all tonal values and analysis options like in RawDigger.
Unfortunately, I have not found any programs on the Internet that allow such a display or analysis for tiff files. Would it be possible to develop an app for displaying tiff files based on RawDigger, a "TiffDigger" so to speak?

We do have plans to add this

We do have plans to add this feature to RawDigger. What stops us from adding it immediately is that when it comes to histograms of TIFF files it's often "too late".

This looks good at the first

This looks good at the first view, but a major feature is missing: the logarithmic scale of the y-axis

I asked Guillermo, here is

I asked Guillermo, here is his answer:

"I'm afraid Histogrammar's VB source code must be somewhere in one of my old laptops, so it's unlikely that the Y-log scale can be added. Sorry."

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