viewing non linear DNG from Sony ARW - what I am doing wrong ?


Hi All

This raw file =

Converting to a NON linear DNG using Adobe DNG converter (v15.1.0.1329 - pretty recent one)

Opening this DNG in RawDigger (v1.4.6.761 PE on Win10x64)

And then it looks like a linear DNG though (but it is not !) - I am certainly missing something obvious in RD settings :- ( !!!

See the first animated GIF

Please advise, thank you

PS: no such thing with Canon CR3 ( no changes in Adobe DNG converter settings, no changes in RD settings) -> See the second animated GIF


another funny ( or not

another funny ( or not reallly ) observation... if I take that DNG (from Sony, after Adobe DNG Converter) into C1 and export it again as DNG (C1 outputs strictly non linear DNGs) then RawDigger opens that C1 DNG as expected , like a mosaic DNG ... what in the world Adobe DNG Converter does to make non-linear DNG from Sony's ARW to act like that in Rawdigger ?


OK, deselecting "Apply DNG

OK, deselecting "Apply DNG opcodes : Stage 1,2 3" makes Rawdigger to work properly... Time to read more about Stage 3 DNG opcodes and how they force mosaic DNG to look like linear in Rawdigger...

is it RTFM ? - manual only says = "DNG Files
• Apply DNG Opcodes: what DNG opcodes should be applied to get RAW data (if such
opcodes are present in the DNG file)


further notes... killing

further notes... killing OpCodes ( there is just one WarpRectilinear ) helps

exiftool -OpCodeList3= -overwrite_original A7R2hSLI000100NR0.dng

make Rawdigger work as needed even with "Apply DNG opcodes : Stage 1,2 3" selected


however if I convert using "Backward Version" = DNG 1.1 (so no opcodes shall be written in DNG by Adobe DNG Converter, as they appeared later) there will be no opcodes and yet rawdigger still does not show DNG as a mosaic unless "Apply DNG opcodes : Stage 1,2 3" is deselected to other ?values


ok, the last point is clear -

ok, the last point is clear - if Adobe can't embed optics correction data it forces creation of linear raw no matter work - just like it used to be when Panasonic strarted all that with .RW2 raw files till Adobe updated DNG spec...


so basicallly what RawDigger

so basicallly what RawDigger does is - if it encounters a mosaic DNG file with optics correction tag like WarpRectilinear in it and options in Rawdigger are set to process it then RawDigger takes upon itself to do demosaick ( apply optics correction then ? ) and present a user with a linear demosaicked data....

Can we have a more clear documentation for dummies about this somewhere in please ?


Sorry, too long thread for me

Sorry, too long thread for me.

Can you formulate your question again if it still remains

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