Pixel 8 Pro DNG files vs v1.4.8.782


Pixel 8 Pro DNG files vs v1.4.8.782 - this is the latest beta I think as of now

takes a lot of time to open DNG ( for example = https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/5228403326/google-pixel-8-pro-... )

Unable to reproduce w/

Unable to reproduce w/ standard/default settings, opens in seconds or so.

What are your  Data Processing -> Vendor specific and Misc Options settings?

> Still unable to reproduce

> Still unable to reproduce with these settings duplicated.....

do you want me to send any additional info about my setting or etc ? that is if you want to dig in it of course

so far on my side this is the culprit : "Misc Options" -> Optional raw decoders -> Adobe DNG SDK -> Exotic DNG formats

if checked rawdigger spends a long time opening Pixel 8 Pro file

if unchecked rawdigger opens it very quickly


OK, looks like I got it: 

OK, looks like I got it:  Adobe DNG SDK fails on this (specific??) file, but input stream is turned to unbuffered state in DNG SDK....

Build 783 should fix the

Build 783 should fix the issue.

Thank you for reporting the problem.

thank you

thank you

PS: can this be also the reason why Adobe ACR / LR and DNG converter can't open/convert that DNG from Pixel 8 Pro ?


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