Automatic Over Exposure Setting


Very new to RawDigger (bought it today) An invaluable tool, but I am not clear why the over exposure threshold is not read from the Exif data. Files from my Sony and Canon cameras show "White Level" which looks very close to the maximum output of the ADC. Some quick maths shows that the Canon(M6) has specular white at -0.2EV, Normal White at -0.333EV and a Sony 7RII White at -0.1EV of 2^14. Though I have to accept that my 5DS is a little strange!

So in brief, does anybody have a table of upper limit values for the value of a sensel in various cameras? It would save a lot of time setting up the over exposure warning

EXIF doesn't contain real

EXIF doesn't contain real clipping values, neither do makernotes. Those values in the metadata are average projected values, and moreover, usually they are given in metadata as absolute values, that is before the black level is subtracted. And that even before mentioning that with some ISO settings on some cameras the clipping occurs at lower levels, black level is higher, or statistical distribution (or pixel defects).
One can set RawDigger not to subtract black level (please see page 46 of the manual, )

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