DNG's containing floating point data



For a special application I am creating DNG's with IEEE 32 bit float data instead of (normal) integer data.

Rawdigger does not know how to handle these, unfortunately.

The content of my files are OK.
They are read by Photoshop as well as Lightroom.
Also using 'dng_validate.exe' shows no errors.

Thanks for the wonderful program and greetings,
Auke Nauta

I can make a floating point DNG available if you like (dropbox)...

RawDigger is intended for

RawDigger is intended for analyzing RAW files from digital photo- and cinema cameras.
All data from these devices is *integer* and 16-bit (or less). And Rawdigger is internally integer and data range is limited to 64k.

So, floating-point DNGs are currently not supported. Floating point TIFF/DNG support is on our TODO list for version 2.0 (or later)



Makes sense.
Thanks for the quick reply!

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