RawDigger 1.0.8 crashes [SOLVED]


I just installed the program and it crashes when I try to open a file. Using the x64 version on my Windows 7 computer. RawDigger freezes and I get a Windows box: "Raw Digger has stopped working, Windows is looking for a solution (etc)."

Any ideas?

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

First of all we need a raw file that causes the crash.

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Caused by corrupt Preferences settings

When I hit "Restore Defaults" on the Preferences (which I had not changed), the problem went away. The preferences from the Beta version (which I had changed) must have carried over in a way that caused the program to crash when I tried to load a file. Now works fine, and I have reset the Preferences to what I like.

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