HowTo? Add Ratings or EXIF info or Stars or Keywords to RAW file?


Is it possible to add Ratings to RAW files directly while using RawDigger? I'd like to add the equivalent of Stars rating, or some other for of EXIF or Keywords.

If this isn't currently possible, perhaps it could be a "Feature Request"? Thanks.

There is a work-around now ... view the same file in Bridge, and do the Star rating after leaving the file in RD. My experience is that when RD is viewing the file, it is locked to other applications (which is good).

Here's what I'd like to do ... go through files and put Ratings as far as how good an exposure is was from RD's perspective. I'd like this info to be visible to other RAW post processing applications like ACR, Bridge, LR, etc.

Or perhaps it could be something like Keywords like:
RD_A .... excellent exposure ... no over-exposure ... 0.1% to 10% within half-stop of blown highlights
RD_B ... Good exposure
RD_C ... Fair exposure
RD_D .... Mediocre exposure
RD_E ... Poor exposure

Or perhaps RD could do this automatically as an option? Perhaps with the refinement of what percent under-exposed, what percent within half-stop of over-exposed, what percent over-exposed?
RD_0_98-6_1-4_0 might indicate 0% under-exposed, 98.6% ok, 1.4% within half-stop of blown hightlights, 0% blown

RawDigger is 'deep raw

RawDigger is 'deep raw inspection' tool, although it is useful in everyday photography. Currently RawDigger do not writes XMP files.

Try other our program: FastRawViewer (currently in beta). It writes XMP files (with Labels/Ratings), it shows Overexposure staticstics (in same way as RawDigger), it shows Raw histogram (not as detailed as in RD) and do it really FAST.

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