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Sigma SD1m issue

There seems to be a problem with the SD1m profile.
How do I post a screenshot to the forum?

Do you mean color profile,

Do you mean color profile, used for RGB display?

Foveon color profiles are very approximate, just to produce something useable. RGB rendering is slightly better if you use 'auto' white balance.

Color profiles does not affects raw values, so bad Foveon color is acceptable for RawDigger (program purpose is to analyze raw data).

An image I fed into RawDigger

An image I fed into RawDigger shows patches of yellow/gold where there shouldn't be any - most of the image looks OK.
It does mean I can't use RD for creating TIFFs if it's going to do that, though.



Another SD1m comment

Hi Guys,
It appears (and you can tell from the raw file I submitted) that not all my sensor is used for image capture; there is a border around the usable image. This means the OvExp/UnExp Stats and OE Offset feature (and probably the histogram, too) don't give true values for the image.
Is there any way that RawDigger can have an added function of permanently ignoring (or only including) certain rows & columns of pixels?

Thank you for pointing this

Thank you for pointing this out.

We figured that out and will include the fix into the next release, if it is OK with you.

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Here is intermediate version

Here is intermediate version with dark frame problem fixed (it will appear on screen only if masked pixels option is turned on):

Windows/x64: http://updates.rawdigger.com/data/RawDigger-
Windows/32bit: http://updates.rawdigger.com/data/RawDigger-
Mac OS X: http://updates.rawdigger.com/data/RawDigger-

BTW, you may select any part of image to see statistics and histogram.

We'll try to improve Foveon RGB rendering in next RawDigger release.

Sorry Guys - I'm becoming a

Sorry Guys - I'm becoming a nuisance...

I like the idea of the OE adjust feature for getting a correct exposure - but now that I have set the over/under detection levels manually (as recommended) I can't use it :(

You also have an override suggesting TIFFs can be opened, but if I try I get 'unsupported file format'?


For tiffs: RawDigger calls

For tiffs: RawDigger calls your system default handler for .tiff files (by issuing something like 'open filename' on Mac and 'start filename' on windows). If you have any tiff-viewers (associcated with file extension), it will fail.

OE/UE levels:  Prererences - Over/Under Exposure section, select manual levels for both values and set it according to your needs.

Hi Lexa, I must not have made

Hi Lexa, I must not have made it clear regarding the OE adjust:

In the preferences, you have the ability to override the exposure (called Auto OE Offset) to see what happens to the over/under stats. You can't use this in combination with manual O/U levels set. It would be nice :)

If you already use manual OE

If you already use manual OE level, you don't need additional offset from it.

Just enter values you need (OE you need minus offset you need) as Manual value

For example, if your Manual OE (real overexposure level) is, say, 5555, than
  - 0.5 stops below will be 5555/1.41 = 3939
  - 1 stop below will be 5555/2 = 2777
And so on...

The idea put forward in one

The idea put forward in one of your blog entries is that you can use the OE adjust to fine tune and find the 'correct' exposure. I can see this being useful, especially in a studio setting - more so if it can be done quickly. It's easier and quicker to click on a spin button that it is to get the calculator out and enter it manually; after all, that's what computers are for, isn't it?
It's a nice-to-have, but no, it isn't essential.

I'm afraid I still can't get the TIFF side to work on Windows 7, if anyone can help...
I've removed all .tif references from the registry. Thumbnails in explorer work OK, but RawDigger still won't display them. I know TIFFs can be all sorts of formats, is it possible there is (or isn't) something in the TIFF file that RawDigger is expecting?


Most likely, I was confused

Most likely, I was confused by problem description.

RawDigger's Export TIFF dialog contains 'open exported tiff with default application'. If checked, it calls default application for .tif extension for newly created (exported) TIFF.

RawDigger by itself reads only RAW files, produces by digital cameras. The standard extension list contains .TIF extension because ealy Canon 1D models saves RAW with this file extension. RawDigger does not reads 'common' TIFF files (yet)

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification. I have a scanning back that saves 'RAW' as TIFF.

Is it in supported camera

Is it in supported camera list?

And, another question, is this 'normal tiff' (that may be opened by Photoshop and/or other 'common' tiff viewers)?

No, it's not in the list. The

No, it's not in the list. The more I think of it, though - maybe it's not true RAW, as you can apply white balance and tone curves at capture time; how RAW it is with default settings I'm not sure. It's a Phase One Powerphase FX+. The files are readable from a normal TIFF viewer.

Normal (not RAW with .tif

Normal (not RAW with .tif extension) TIFFs are in TODO list. Not ready yet.

Drag and drop stopped working

After update to version 1.1.3 build 391 (x64), Mac, Exosure Edition drag and drop stopped working. Instead of opening the file app says file ... not exists. Opening through menu is working. Please fix this as soon as possible, it is very annoying.

Thank you for bug report.

Thank you for bug report.

Could you please specify what OS X version you use?


OS X 10.10.2 (14C109)

Still not good

Hi, just checked Raw Digger 1.1.5. It works with app icon but not with main window problem persists.

Also checked with 10.10.3

Also checked with 10.10.3 developer release: RawDigger 1.1.5 accepts drops to window



1) If filename in error message starts with /.file/id=  ?

2) Do you use files from local drive, or from something else location (network, removable media)?

I was able to reproduce problem with /.file/id= under current 'users' OS X 10.10.2 (14C1514) in RawDigger 1.1.4. It is fixed in 1.1.5 for me for both local and network (SMB share) files with both icon drop and window drop, tested on 14С1514 and 14C81f

I do not have 14C109 you mention on hand to test with,

exact error


on Raw Digger 1.1.5 the exact message is:

File /Volumes/Public/Shared Pictures/photos/2015/2015_03_31 %D0%9F%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D1%83%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0/_3190786.ORF does not exists

it is on local hard drive folder.



It looks like non-english characters are not decoded correctly. That's why I do not see this problem (all my filenames in test was english-only).

To be fixed in 1-2 days, thanks again for notifying us.

Bug? Crash upon 2nd export.

Machine: Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.5
Processor: 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16GB

I selected File > Export Tiff, made my export choices and clicked Save. The Export was good.

Then I immediately re-selected File > Export Tiff, hoping to make some different export choices, but Raw Digger crashed.

This is repeatable.

Andrea G. Blum

Dear Andrea,

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for letting us know. Can you please send us the Apple crash report, and a sample of a raw file that causes the repeated crash?

Best regards,
Iliah Borg

Keep getting "excutable file corrupted"

After so many images have been viewed I get this when trying to load the next or previous file:


After dismissing the message, it will load the file anyway, but when trying to load another, RD shuts itself down.

Have re-installed but still does it.

Maybe my latest computer (older one died):

PC, Pentium 4 631 processor, 4GB RAM, XP Pro 32-bit.

RawDigger worked fine on previous computer which was the same but only 3GB RAM.

Anything I can do?

best regards,



What version do you use?

What version do you use?

According to our records, we've fixed this (WinXP-related) bug in RawDigger 1.1.4, released about one month ago.



Rounding of OvExp/UnExp counts

Hi, I noticed that the counts of overexposed/underexposed pixels in the "OvExp/UnExp stats" area aren't rounded properly. For example, I have an example from a D810 where RawDigger says the red channel is 17.5% underexposed. This should be about 1.6 million red photosites underexposed, but the count shows "1m". Could this either be rounded to 2m, or else the number of significant figures be increased? (e.g. "1.59m") That would be more similar to how it's done in Fast Raw Viewer.

Yes, values above 1k are

Yes, values above 1k are rounded to lowest value, thanks for pointing to it.

To be fixed in RawDigger 1.0.5


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