RawDigger 0.9.11: complains and bug reports


This topic is for bugreports and complains on RawDigger 0.9.11 (both Mac and Windows)

DNG fast load

DNG files with fast load enabled will not display properly. This pertains to file converted using Lightroom 4. Have not tested with any other convertors.

AFAIK, Lightroom 4 uses DNG 1

AFAIK, Lightroom 4 uses DNG 1.4 (specs are unpublished yet).

BTW, could you provide some samples for testing?

Sure, no problem. Where

Sure, no problem. Where should I send a file to? Just to be clear, DNG files from lightroom 4 will display perfectly as long as "fast load" is NOT checked. It is only when "fast load" is checked that there is a problem.

You can send me file using

You can send me file using dropbox or any other file sharing service (rapidshare or so).

If you do not want to share file link, use contact form (in top rawdigger.com site menu) to contact me privately.

Deviation Problem?

I am using the Windows 32-bit version. There is extreme variation of the deviation values depending on sample size. The following data are all from the same white patch of the Kodak Color Control Patches, E5D2hMULTII00100.CR2:

SampSize G2dev
130x130 103.5
66 x 66 183
34 x 34 345.7
18 x 18 652
10 x 10 1187.2
06 x 06 2058.7


Thank you for your report.

Thank you for your report. The problem will be investigated and fixed in 0.9.12 if needed.

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