getting it into photoshop the way it looks in rawdigger


I am using raw photo processor and fast raw viewer and I tried to make the pictures looking the same as in raw digger. The decrease of saturation was a way to bring it closer but it is not perfect. Is there a simple solution for bringing the pics into photoshop the way they look in raw digger or is this completely not possible because of the architecture of this all?

We've already answered to

We've already answered to your E-mail inquiry, so copy-paste here:

1) RGB rendering in RawDigger is *very* simple:
  a) White balance is applied (one of three: 'as shot', daylight, or automatic)
  b) Brightness is automatically corrected in 'ETTR-style': brightness increased until 1% of pixels are saturated.
  c) Image converted to sRGB using built-in color profile.
  d) gamma correction with gamma 2.2 applied

For many (but not all) cameras, RawDigger built-in profile is very similar to Adobe products color profile.

In Adobe Camera Raw terms, this should be similar to adjusting only 'Exposure' slider, with all other sliders set to zero (and no custom camera specific DCP profile)

Please note, that RawDigger is not color managed, it  outputs sRGB data to monitor without any monitor color profile corrections.
So, if you use wide-gamut monitor, colors are more bright and saturated than in 'right' (color managed) rendering.

2) You can export RawDigger RGB Rendering into 8-bit TIFF file using Menu - File - Tiff Export ( )
You'll need RawDigger Research or Profile edition to use Tiff Export.
Please note, that bayer demosaic in RawDigger is made for speed, not for high quality, so finest details may be not so fine as in Adobe Camera Raw or in RawPhotoProcessor.


Thank you very much, this explains a lot to me.


Thank you Frank for the share.

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