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Dear Sir,
What if the non-standard camera has the same file size as the one Rawdigger supported but different Bayer filter CFA format ?

Jeff Lee

For files without any

For files without any metadata (sensor dump), the only 'metadata' exists: the file size.

So, the only way is to change camera definition strings in registry/defaults and restart RawDigger when you work with these files

Hint: non-standard camera definitions are read on RawDigger start, so you can run several RD processes started with different registry settings (e.g. one for RGGB and one for GBRG )

I still don't get it right.

I still don't get it right. My raw file has same file size as the Gione E7mipi, which seems to be recognized by RD only even changing the definition strings in registry/defaults as the following "19906560,4608,3456, 0, 0, 0, 0,1,97,0,0, Vivo, X9s Plus,0"

Thank you for the sample.

Thank you for the sample.

The problem is now clear: built-in 'custom camera' types takes precedence over user-specified ones. This is definitely a bug, so here fixed version: (no Mac/Legacy, please ask if you need it).

As a side effect, the first match is now win (if several user-specified cameras with same file size are added to registry).

Here is screenshot of your file with R and B channels in place:

Note: right camera definition is: 19906560,4608,3456, 0, 0, 0, 0,1,148,0,0, Vivo, X9s Plus,0

The difference is in CFA value, it is 148, not 97 (because decimal values are used)

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