Lightroom -> Rawdigger?


Newbie with Lightroom. How the heck do you feed a raw file from Lightroom to Rawdigger (windows 10)?

If I "edit in", LR insists on creating a tif or jpeg to feed. If I try to drag-and-drop from LR to a Rawdigger, it just won't work.

Lightroom's external editors

Lightroom's external editors are feeded by Lr-generated tiff files.

So, simplest way is two-step

 - Use 'Show in Explorer' Lr context menu item

 - from Explorer - drag showed file to RawDigger (or use WIndows Open With context menu)

(same for Mac, but slightly different context menu items names)

there are commercial LR

there are commercial LR plugin(s) that pass raw file from LR to external programs w/o two steps hassle

Thanks, got it. Discovered

Thanks, got it. Discovered you can't drag-and-drop to anything from Lightroom. Kind of the final straw for me to move Lightroom to the back shelf and keep using Bridge.


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