Profile Edition/MakeinpuICC Question


I have the process running to produce ICC camera profiles using a SpyderChecker24. One thing I notice in the SpyderChecker reference data file is that the illuminant is D65. However my test shot of the patches has been taken under approximately D55 illuminant. Should I be chromatically adapting the XYZ data in the SpyderChecker24.cie reference data file before runing MakeinputICC ?

Thanks Dave

You can try chromatic

You can try chromatic adaptation, however that's not what I would be doing. I would measure the chart to get spectral reference.

Thanks but I don't think I

Thanks but I don't think I have a suitable instrument to measure the spectral reference of the patches.


There are rental services,

There are rental services, you can try

Generic references are usually not very accurate.

Alternatively, you can feed CGATS from RawDigger into basICColor Input (they have spectral reference for SpyderCHECKR and a free fully functional 14-day trial), as it is shown on this video:

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